TC3299A PCMCIA 10Mbps Ethernet Controller

The TC3299A (EPCC) is designed to reduce parts count and cost for easy implementation of PCMCIA CSMA/CD Local Area Networks. The TC3299A is the integration of the entire bus interface for PCMCIA BUS and which it includes Ethernet controller, Manchester Encoder/decoder, 10BaseT function and AUI interface. It complies with IEEE 802.3 standards. TC3299A is compatible to NS8390 controller's register and Novell NE2000 industry Ethernet standard. To store CIS, TC3299A needs EEPROM 93C56/66 in PCMCIA LAN CARD to reduce part cost. Physical media 10BaseT, AUI interface are fully automatic detection. LED driver for Link and other activities are also provided.

10BaseT functional block includes receiver and transmitter, collision, loopback, jabber and link integrity The Polarity Detection /Correction blocks are also defined as in the standard.

TC3299A uses analog Phase Lock Loop method for the Manchester encoding and the decoding method is specified by the IEEE 802.3 specification in the 10Mbit/sec transmission section. A collision detect translator and diagnostic Loopback Capability are also included in the TC3299A.

TC3299A is designed for conventional PCMCIA LAN CARD with AUI cable connecting to external MAU. TC3299A provides both UTP and AUI interface for maximum flexibility