MA4BN1840-2 Monolithic HMIC™ Integrated Bias Network

The MA4BN1840-2 is a fully monolithic broadband bias network utilizing M/A-COM's HMICTM (Heterolithic Microwave Integrated Circuit) process, US Patent 5,268,310. This process allows the formation of silicon vias by imbedding them in low loss, low dispersion glass along with high Q spiral inductors and MIM capacitors. The close proximity between elements and the combination of silicon and glass gives this HMIC device low loss and high performance with exceptional repeatability through millimeter frequencies. Large bond pads facilitate the use of low inductance ribbon bonds, while the gold backside metallization provides the RF and DC ground. This allows for manual or automatic die attach via electrically conductive silver epoxy or RoHS compliant solders.

技术特性 Features
  • Broad Bandwidth Specified 18 to 40GHz
  • Usable 10GHz to 50 GHz
  • Extremely Low Insertion Loss
  • High RF-DC Isolation
  • Rugged, Fully Monolithic Glass Encapsulation
应用领域 Applications

The MA4BN1840-2 bias network is suitable for the D.C. biasing of PIN diode control circuits. It functions as an RF-DC de-coupling network as well as the D.C. return. The device can also be used as a bi-directional re-active coupler for Schottky detector circuits. D.C. currents up to 150 mA and D.C. voltages up to 50 V may be used.

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