XX1007-QT Doubler 13.5-17.0/27.0-34.0 GHz

M/A-COM Tech’s 13.5-17.0 / 27.0-34.0 GHz GaAs MMIC doubler integrates a gain stage, passive doubler and driver amplifier onto a single device. The XX1007-QT has a self-biased architecture requiring a single positive supply (+5V) only and integrated on-chip bypassing and DC blocking capacitors eliminating the need for any external components. This device uses M/A-COM Tech’s GaAs PHEMT device model technology, and is based upon electron beam lithography to ensure high repeatability and uniformity. The XX1007-QT has integrated ESD structures for protection and comes in a low cost 3x3mm QFN package. The device is well suited for Millimeter wave Point-to-Point Radio, LMDS, SATCOM and VSAT applications.

技术特性 Features
  • Integrated Gain, Doubler and Driver Stages
  • Single Positive Supply, +5V
  • Integrated Bypassing Capacitor
  • +20.0 dBm Output Saturated Power
  • 35.0 dBc Fundamental Suppression
  • On-Chip ESD Protection
  • 100% RF, DC and Output Power Testing
  • 3x3mm QFN Package
  • RoHS* Compliant and 260°C Reflow Compatible
订购信息 Ordering Information
  • XX1007-QT-0G00 bulk quantity
  • XX1007-QT-0G0T tape and reel
  • XX1007-QT-EV1 evaluation board
功能框图 Functional Block Diagram

XX1007-QT 功能框图

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