RFFC2071 2.7GHz RF Synthesizer/VCO with Integrated RF Mixer

The RFFC2071 is a re-configurable frequency conversion device with integrated fractional-N phased locked loop (PLL) synthesizer, voltage controlled oscillator (VCO) and two high linearity mixers. The fractional-N synthesizer takes advantage of an advanced sigma-delta modulator that delivers ultra-fine step sizes and low spurious products. The PLL/VCO engine combined with an external loop filter allows the user to generate local oscillator (LO) signals from 85MHz to 2700MHz. The LO signal is buffered and routed to the integrated RF mixers which are used to up/down-convert frequencies ranging from 30MHz to 2700MHz. The mixer bias current is programmable and can be reduced for applications requiring lower power consumption.The device can be configured to work as signal sources by bypassing the integrated mixers. Device programming is achieved via a simple 3-wire serial interface. In addition, a unique programming mode allows up to four devices to be controlled from a common serial bus. This eliminates the need for separate chip-select control lines between each device and the host controller. Up to six general purpose outputs are provided, which can be used to access internal signals (e.g. the LOCK signal) or to control front end components. The device operates with a 2.7V to 3.3V power supply.

技术特性 Features
  • 85MHz to 2700MHz LO Frequency Range
  • Fractional-N Synthesizer with Very Low Spurious Levels
  • Typical Step Size 1.5Hz
  • Fully Integrated Low Phase Noise VCO and LO Buffers
  • Integrated Phase Noise 0.18° rms at 1GHz
  • High Linearity RF Mixers
  • 30MHz to 2700MHz Mixer Frequency Range
  • Input IP3 +23dBm
  • Mixer Bias Adjustable for Low Power Operation
  • Full Duplex Mode
  • 2.7V to 3.3V Power Supply
  • Low Current Consumption
  • 3- or 4-Wire Serial Interface
功能框图 Functional Block Diagram

RFFC2071  功能框图


RFFC2071  产品实物图

Mixer RF/IF Frequency (Min) (MHz): 30
Mixer RF/IF Frequency (Max) (MHz): 2700
Local Oscillator Frequency (Min) (MHz): 85
Local Oscillator Frequency (Max) (MHz): 2700
Mixer Conversion Gain (dB): -2
Mixer IIP3 (dBm): 23
ISUPPLY (mA): 115
Package: QFN-32
应用领域 Applications
  • CATV Head-Ends
  • Digital TV Repeaters
  • Multi-Dwelling Units
  • Diversity Receivers
  • Software Defined Radios
  • Frequency Band Shifters
  • Point-to-Point Radios
  • Cellular Repeaters
  • WiMax/LTE Infrastructure
  • Cellular Jammers
  • Satellite Communications
  • VHF/UHF Radios
订购信息 Ordering Information
  • RFFC2071SB 32-pin QFN 5-Piece sample bag
  • RFFC2071SQ 32-pin QFN 25-Piece sample bag
  • RFFC2071SR 32-pin QFN 100-Piece reel
  • RFFC2071TR7 32-pin QFN 750-Piece reel
  • RFFC2071TR13 32-pin QFN 2500-Piece reel
  • DKFC2071 Complete Design Kit 1 Box
订购信息 Ordering Information
订购型号 MOQ*             INC*             Packaging and Shipping Details QTY Per 1 EA
RFFC2071SQ 25 EA 25 EA Standard 25 Piece Bag Shipping From Greensboro 1+ $12.90
RFFC2071SR 100 EA 100 EA Standard 100 Piece 7" Short Reel Shipping From Greensboro 100+ $10.14
RFFC2071TR7 750 EA 750 EA Standard 750 Piece 7" Reel Shipping From Hsin-Chu 750+ $7.68
RFFC2071TR13 2500 EA 2500 EA Standard 2500 Piece 13" Reel Shipping From Hsin-Chu    
DKFC2071 1 EA 1 EA Standard 1 Shipping From Greensboro 1+ $210.00

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