W6692CF PCI Bus ISDN S/T-Controller

Winbond is providing this document only for reference purposes for W6692CF-based system design. Winbond assumes no responsibility for errors or omissions. All data and specifications are subject to change without notice.

The Winbond's single chip PCI bus ISDN S/T interface controller (W6692CF) is an all-in-one device suitable for ISDN Internet access. Three HDLC controllers are incorporated in the chip, one for D hannel and the other two for B channels. These HDLC controllers facilitate efficient access to ignaling and data services. The PCM codec interface provides voice service or other services. The built in PCI 2.2 interface circuit makes glueless design for PCI bus add-on card pplication

W6692CF 特点
  1. Full duplex 2B + D S/T-interface transceiver compliant with ITU-T I.430 Recommendation
  2. One D channel HDLC controller
    - Maskable address recognition
    - Transparent (HDLC) mode
    - FIFO buffer (2 x 128 bytes)
  3. Two B channel HDLC controllers
    - Maskable address recognition
    - Bit rate options : 56 or 64 kbps
    - Transparent (HDLC mode) or extended transparent mode (clear channel)
    - FIFO buffer (2 x 128 bytes) per B channel
  4. Two PCM codec interfaces for speech and POTS application
  5. Various B channel switching capabilities
  6. GCI master/slave interface
  7. Built in PCI 2.2 slave mode circuit
  8. ACPI capability : PCI 2.2 and PCI Power Management 1.1 compliant
  9. Serial EEPROM interface for PCI configuration
  10. Peripheral control pins
  11. 8-bit microprocessor interface when PCI is disabled for TA application
  12. Digital : 5V or 3.3V, analog : 5V
  13. Advanced CMOS technology
  14. Low power consumption
  15. 100-pin QFP package
W6692CF 技术资料
  1. W6692CF PCI Bus ISDN S/T-Controller 英文DataSheet 技术文档 . PDF

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