W6694BCD USB Bus ISDN S/T-Controller

Winbond Electronics Corp. (Taiwan) is now sampling a highly integrated S/T chip for the ISDN USB TA market. The W6694BCD complies with the ITU I.430 standard as well as USB 1.0/1.1 specification. This new chip integrates S/T transceiver, USB SIE/SIL, voltage regulator and a rate adaptation mechanism for 128K Internet access. In addition, PCM port and B-channel switching are built-in for voice application.

W6694BCD also includes a GCI bus and general purpose I/Os for expansion and control devices. The W6694BCD-based evaluation board is qualified by Tektronix ISDN K1403 tester. It also meets requirements of USB high power current by consuming only 2.39 mA in suspend mode.

The chip is intended for pure passive design by high performance computing power of modern PC. The W6694BCD is easy to be designed as smallest possible mechanism for portable users and desktop users for their access into Internet without power supply. Moreover, Internet users receive the merit of hot plug via USB port. For remote users, remote access can be easily achieved by waking up host through internal intelligent features in the chip.

To simplify the design effort, Winbond offers an evaluation board, sample code, data sheet and chip samples in 48-pin LQFP package. The W6694BCD is supported by the leaders in the field of protocol, application software and transformer suppliers listed as below.

W6694BCD 特点
  1. ISDN
    · Full duplex 2B+D S/T-interface transceiver compatible with ITU-T I.430 Recommendation
    - Four wire operation
    - Received clock recovery
    - Layer 1 activation/deactivation procedure
    - D channel access control
    · Transparent data transmission of 2B+D channels
    · Test functions
  2. USB
    · USB Specification version 1.0/1.1 compliant
    · Full-speed, bus-powered USB device
    · Integrated transceiver, PLL, SIE, SIL and voltage regulator
    · Built-in fully automatic enumeration procedure
    · Support suspend mode
    - Suspend current requirement
    - Wake-up by ISDN (remote) and PC (host)
  3. Other Features
    · GCI bus interface (slave mode) for connecting to ISDN U transceiver chip.
    · PCM port provides two 64K clear channels to connect to PCM CODEC chips.
    · B channel data switching function for selective connection between ISDN/GCI interface, USB and
    · EEPROM interface for retrieving customized USB device identification data.
    · IO pins with LED current drive capability.
    · Reset pin for whole-chip reset.
W6694BCD 技术资料
  1. W6694BCD USB Bus ISDN S/T-Controller 英文DataSheet 技术文档 . PDF