Part#Video-Display Primary FunctionData Input FormatTMDS Frequency (max)(Hz)I2S Inputs(nA)Video-Display FeaturesOperating Temp RangePackage Size-mm (typ)US Price 1000 to 4999($ US)Automotive Recommended
ADV7535HDMI TxMIPI DSI148.5M2Audio Insertion, CEC Support, SPDIF-10 to 85°C3.46 x 3.46$4.46No
ADV7513HDMI Tx24 bit TTL165M8Audio Insertion, CEC Support, SPDIF-25 to 85°C10x10$5.74No
ADV7524AHDMI Tx16 bit TTL150M2ARC Support, Audio Insertion, CEC, SPDIF-25 to 85°C3.46 x 3.46$3.28No
ADV7511HDMI Tx36 bit TTL225M8ARC Support, Audio Insertion, CEC, SPDIF0 to 70°C14x14$6.36No