LTC1519 - High Speed, Precision Delay RS485 Quad Line Receivers

The LTC™1518/LTC1519 are high speed, precision delay differential quad bus/line receivers that can operate at data rates as high as 52Mbps. They are pin compatible with the LTC488/LTC489 RS485 line receivers and operate over the entire �7V to 12V common mode range. A unique architecture provides very stable propagation delays and low skew over wide input common mode, input overdrive and ambient temperature ranges. Propagation delay is 18.5ns �3.5ns over the commercial temperature range. Typical tPLH/tPHL and channel-to-channel skew is 500ps.

Each receiver translates differential input levels (|VID| >= 300mV) into valid CMOS and TTL output levels. Its high input resistance (>=22k) allows many receivers to be connected to the same driver. The receiver outputs go into a high impedance state when disabled. The receivers have a fail-safe feature that guarantees a high output state when the inputs are shorted or left floating. Other protection features include thermal shutdown and a controlled maximum short-circuit current (50mA Max). Input resistance remains >=22k when the device is unpowered or disabled, thus allowing hot swapping without loading the data lines.

The LTC1518/LTC1519 operate from a single 5V supply and draw 12mA of supply current.

  • Precision Propagation Delay: 18.5ns �3.5ns Over 0°C to 70°C Temperature Range
  • Data Rate: 52Mbps
  • Low tPLH/tPHL Skew: 500ps Typ
  • Low Channel-to-Channel Skew: 500ps Typ
  • -7V to 12V RS485 Input Common Mode Range
  • Input Resistance >/=22k, Even When Unpowered
  • Guaranteed Fail-Safe Operation over the Entire Common Mode Range
  • Hot Swap™ Capable
  • High Common Mode Rejection to 26MHz
  • Short-Circuit Protection: 10mA Typ Output Current for an Indefinite Short
  • Three-State Output Capability
  • Will Not Oscillate with Slow Moving Input Signals
  • Single 5V Supply
  • Pin Compatible with LTC488, LTC489
LTC1519 Typical Application
LTC1519 Typical Application
  • High Speed RS485/RS422 Receivers
  • STS-1/OC-1 Data Receivers
  • PECL Line Receivers
  • Level Translators
  • Fast-20/Fast-40 SCSI Receiver
LTC1519 Package Drawing
LTC1519 Package Drawing
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