RF 和无线

凌力尔特公司的高频和光学产品包括无线和电缆基础设施的构件、手机的 RF 功率控制以及光通信的独特解决方案。产品系列包括高性能上变频有源混频器、下变频混频器、正交调制器和解调器、RF 功率检波器等等。 文章:设计一款基于 FPGA 的 RFID 阅读器             (Design an FPGA-Based RFID Reader)             点击这里查看

LT Journal
    DN381 - 用于 RFID 接收器的基带电路
    DN335 - 用于功率检波和控制的宽带 RF IC
    AN109 - Interfacing RF I/Q Modulators with Popular D/A Converters
    AN161 - LTC6951 Synchronization Manual Design Examples for EZSync, ParallelSync, EZParallelSync and EZ204Sync
    AN147 - Altera Stratix IV FPGA Interface for LTM9011 ADC with LVDS Outputs
    DN480 - Fast Time Division Duplex (TDD) Transmission Using an Upconverting Mixer with a High Side Switch
    DN439 - Signal Chain Noise Analysis for RF-to-Digital Receivers
    DN381 - Baseband Circuits for an RFID Receiver
    DN335 - Wideband RF ICs for Power Detection and Control
    High Speed Amplifiers/ADC Drivers
    Ultralow Jitter Clock Generators and Distributors Maximize Data Converter SNR
    14-Bit 125Msps, Octal ADC
    Multi-Output Clock Synthesizer with Integrated VCO Features the Low Jitter Required to Drive Modern High Speed ADC and DAC Clock Inputs
    Low Power IQ Modulator for Digital Communications
    1.4GHz Low Jitter PLL with Clock Distribution Solves Difficult Clocking Problems: Multi-Clock Synchronization and Data Converter Clocking
    Wireless & RF Solutions
    Power Management for Portable Products
    High Speed ADC Products Brochure