DS1086LPMB1Programmable oscillator20120514
DS3231MPMB1±5ppm I2C Real-Time Clock20120521
MAX11205PMB116-Bit Ultra-Low Power Delta-Sigma ADC with 2-Wire Serial Interface20120521
MAX14840PMB140Mbps +3.3V RS-485 Half-Duplex Transceiver20120523
MAX14850PMB1Six-Channel Digital Isolator20120523
MAX31723PMB1Digital Thermometer and Thermostat with SPI/3-Wire Interface20120523
MAX31855PMB1Cold-Junction Compensated Thermocouple-to-Digital Converter20120529
MAX3232PMB13.0V to 5.5V Low-Power up to 1Mbps True RS-232 Transceiver20120514
MAX44000PMB1Ambient and Infrared Proximity Sensor20120521
MAX4824PMB1+3.3V/+5V 8-Channel Relay Driver20120514
MAX5216PMB116-Bit Low-Power Buffered Output Rail-to-Rail DAC with SPI Interface20120514
MAX5487PMB1Dual 256-Tap Nonvolatile SPI-Interface Linear-Taper Digital Potentiometer20120521
MAX5825PMB1Octal Channel 12-Bit Buffered Output DAC with Internal Reference and I2C Interface20120510
MAX9611PMB1High-Side Current-Sense Amplifier with 12-Bit ADC and Op Amp/Comparator20120516
MAXREFDES1116-Bit High-Accuracy 0 to 10V Input Isolated Analog Front End20130114
MAXREFDES12Isolated Industrial Octal Digital Input Translator/Serializer20130412
MAXREFDES14Isolated Energy Measurement Subsystem20130916
MAXREFDES15Ultra-Low Power High-Accuracy 4–20mA 2-Wire Current-Loop Sensor20130924
MAXREFDES164-20mA Loop-Powered Temperature Sensor with HART20140129
MAXREFDES18Isolated High-Accuracy Analog Current/Voltage Output20130919
MAXREFDES23IO-Link Light Sensor20140207
MAXREFDES24Isolated 4-Channel Analog Output20140324
MAXREFDES27IO-Link Optical Proximity Sensor19970627
MAXREFDES308-Channel Simultaneous-Sampling Analog Front End20140306
MAXREFDES313.3V and 5V PoE Powered Device20140402
MAXREFDES33Step-down DC-DC Voltage Converter20140212
MAXREFDES34SHA-256 Secure Authenticator20140211
MAXREFDES36IO-Link 16-Channel Digital Input Hub19970627
MAXREFDES37IO-Link Quad Servo Driver20150407
MAXREFDES38ECT/EPT Current Fault Sensor20141020
MAXREFDES39Power Amplifier Biasing through MAX11300 PIXI20140613
MAXREFDES416-Bit High-Accuracy 4-20mA Input Isolated Analog Front End20130110
MAXREFDES41Isolated 24V to 12V 40W Power Supply19970627
MAXREFDES42IO-Link RTD Temperature Sensor20150216
MAXREFDES43Secure Authenticator with I2C SHA-25620150422
MAXREFDES44Secure Authentication Design with 1-Wire ECDSA and Xilinx Zynq SoC20150526
MAXREFDES48Isolated 24V to 12V 40W Power Supply19970627
MAXREFDES516-Bit High Accuracy Multi-Input Isolated Analog Front End20130109
MAXREFDES616-Bit High-Accuracy 0 to 100mV Input Isolated Analog Front-End20130916
MAXREFDES6016-Bit Analog Output Micro PLC Card20140917
MAXREFDES6116-Bit Four Analog Input Micro PLC Card20140912
MAXREFDES62RS-485 Communications Micro PLC Card20141103
MAXREFDES63Octal Digital Output Micro PLC Card20141103
MAXREFDES64Octal Digital-Input Micro PLC Card20141104
MAXREFDES73.3V Input ±12V (±15V) Output Isolated Power Supply20130220
MAXREFDES70High-Precision Long-Battery Life Heat/Flow Meter20140930
MAXREFDES72Arduino to Pmod Adapter19970627
MAXREFDES73Wearable Galvanic Skin Response System20150512
MAXREFDES7418-Bit Precision Data Acquisition System20140904
MAXREFDES7524-Bit Weigh Scale with a 16-Bit DAC 0 to 10V Output20141103
MAXREFDES794-Port IO-Link Master20150407
MAXREFDES83.3V Input 12V (15V) Output Isolated Power Supply20130220
MAXREFDES93.3V to 15V Input ±15V (±12V) Output Isolated Power Supply20130129