8-bit HC08

Not Recommended for New Design
  • 68HC08LT8: 8-bit ROM option with LCD Driver LT8 MCUs
  • HC08AB: 8-bit Embedded EEPROM for User Data Storage AB MCUs
  • HC08AP: 8-bit EEPROM Emulation AP MCUs
  • HC08AS-AZ: 8-bit with CANAS and AZ MCUs
  • HC08EY: 8-bit General Purpose EYMCUs
  • HC08G: 8-bit General Purpose G MCUs
  • HC08GZ: 8-bit General Purpose with CAN GZ MCUs
  • HC08JB-JG-JT-JW: 8-bit General Purpose JB, JG, JT and JW MCUs
  • HC08JK-JL: 8-bitGeneral Purpose JK and JL MCUs
  • HC08K: 8-bit USB K MCUs
  • HC08LJ-LK: 8-bit EEPROM Emulation LJ and LK MCUs
  • HC08MR: 8-bit General Purpose MR MCUs
  • HC08Q: 8-bit EEPROM Emulation Q MCUs
  • MC3PHAC: Motor Control Unit