Debug hardware for MCUs

Part NumberGeneral DescriptionMarketing StatusSupplierSupported Devices
SEG-JLINKSegger J-Link debug probe for STM32ActiveSeggerSTM32
ST-LINKIn-circuit debugger and programmer for STM8 and STM32 MCUs; with IAR EWARM and Keil RVMDK and ST toolsetNRNDSTSTM32F,STM32W,STM8A,STM8L,STM8S
STX-RLINKIn-circuit debugger/programmer for STM8, ST7, STM32, STR7 and STR9 microcontrollersActiveST; RaisonanceST7,STM32F,STM32L,STM8A,STM8L,STM8S,STR7,STR9,uPSD
ST-LINK/V2ST-LINK/V2 in-circuit debugger/programmer for STM8 and STM32ActiveSTSTM32,STM32F0,STM32F1,STM32F2,STM32F3,STM32F4,STM32F7,STM32H7,STM32L0,STM32L1,STM32L4,STM8,STM8L,STM8S
STM32-PRIMER/LABRaisonance complete EvoPrimer ready-to-use for STM32 standalone programmer & application monitorNRNDRaisonanceSTM32
INDARTIn-circuit debugging and in-circuit programming tools for microcontrollersNRNDST; SMHST7
ST7-EMU33rd generation high-end emulation tool ST7-EMU3NRNDSTST7
STICEFull-featured emulator offers flexible, modular debugging and programming solutionActiveSTSTM8A,STM8L,STM8S
SPC564A70AVB176VertiCal base board for A-Line 2M in LQFP176 target packageActiveSPC564A
PLSUAD3PLUSUniversal Access Device 3+ActivePLS Development ToolsSPC56
SPC564A80AVB324VertiCal base board for A-Line 4M in BGA324 target packageActiveSTSPC564A
SPC563M64CAL144Calibration system for SPC563M (Monaco) series 1M5 devices in QFP144ActiveSTSPC563
SPC563M64AVB144VertiCal base board for SPC563M series devices in QFP144 packageActiveSTSPC563
SPC5-CONNECTProgrammable interface for PC communication to automotive target systems.ActiveSTSPC56,SPC57,SPC58
SPC564A80AVB176VertiCal base board for A-line 4M in LQFP176 target packageActiveSTSPC564A
SPC5-UDESTKUSB/JTAG debugger for SPC5 MCUs with software license included (by PLS)ActiveSTSPC56
SPC56xVTOP-ARAM/Debug Top Board for SPC56 A line VertiCal Base boardsActiveSTSPC564A
SPC56XVTOP-MRAM/Debug Top Board for SPC56 M line VertiCal Base boardsActiveSTSPC563M
PLSUAD2PROUniversal Access Device 2ProActivePLS Development ToolsSPC57
SPC564A80CAL176Calibration system for SPC564A (Andorra) series 4 MB devices in QFP176ActiveSTSPC564A
SPC563M64AVB176VertiCal base board for SPC563M (Monaco) series devices in QFP176ActiveSTSPC563
SPC564A70CAL176Calibration system for SPC564A series devices (Andorra 2) MB devicesActiveSTSPC564A
SPC563M64CAL176Calibration system for SPC563M (Monaco) series 1M5 for QFP176ActiveSTSPC563