EVAL-RHF100:RHF100 Evaluation board

The EVAL-RHF100 product evaluation board of STMicroelectronics is designed to help characterize the RHF100 device. This rad-hard device is a 1.2 V, precision, low-power, ± 0.15 % fixed shunt, voltage reference with a typical average temperature co-efficient of 5 ppm/ºC and is housed in a Flat-10 ceramic package. This data brief provides a brief description of the EVAL-RHF100 product evaluation board and presents the EVAL-RHF100 schematic together with the top and bottom layers of the board.

For further details on STMicroelectronics' RHF100 device, please refer to the product datasheet.

Key Features

  • Designed for Flat-10 package
  • Used to perform on-board characterization of the RHF100 prior to integration of STMicroelectronics' products
  • Resistor and capacitor footprints implemented for 0805 series
  • Two decoupling capacitors implemented on power supply pin and output pin to benefit from maximum performance of ST products
  • R3 (cathode) resistor set to 18 kΩ, with a power supply voltage of 3.3 V this gives a cathode current of about 110 μA
  • If RHF100 device is soldered onto the EVAL-RHF100, R1, R2, and Cn1 are not fitted onto the PCB
DB2238: EVAL-RHF100 product evaluation board1.0161 KB
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EVAL-RHF100CARDIndustrialNot compliant
ST-LINK/V2 in-circuit debugger/programmer for STM8 and STM32 ST-LINK-V2