Legacy MCUs Software Development Tools

Part NumberGeneral DescriptionMarketing StatusSoftware TypeSupplierSupported Devices
MDK-ARM-STRMDK-ARM software development environment for Cortex-R based MCUsActiveSW development suitesKeilSTR7,STR9
STSW-uPSD001PSDsoft Express Development/Programming Software for uPSD/PSD and DSM Devices - Full InstallationActiveSW development suitesSTuPSD
RIDE-STRRaisonance branded integrated development environment for ST7, STR7 and STR9 MCUsActiveSW development suitesRaisonanceST7,STR7,STR9
TASKINGVG-STRAltium's C/C++ compiler and debugger tools for ARM based MCUsActiveFirmwareTASKINGST10
STSW-ST7010Visual CANActiveSW development suitesSTST7
STSW-ST7074Software GUI for configuring the 100 W 3-phase inverter for BLDC sensorless motor evaluation boardActiveSW development suitesSTST7
STSW-ST7070USB-to-Serial Bridge Evaluation Board. PC executable fileActiveSW development suitesSTST7
STSW-STR7046STR7int toolActiveSW development suitesSTSTR7
STVD-ST7ST Visual IDE for developing ST7 applicationsActiveSW development suitesSTST7
STVP-LIB-ST7STVP programming toolkit: C++ source files for creating PC programming interfaceActiveSW development suitesSTST7,STM32,STM8,STMTouch
STSW-STR7050STR7 Family Flash Programming SoftwareActiveSW development suitesSTSTR7
STSW-ST7009DFU Development Kit package (Device Firmware Upgrade).Contains all sources for the GUI and the DFU protocol layer.ActiveSW development suitesSTST7
STSW-STR7047STR7int1 toolActiveSW development suitesSTSTR7
STVP-ST7ST Visual Programmer ST7ActiveFirmwareSTST7
STSW-STR7048STR7int1 toolActiveSW development suitesSTSTR7