PLSUDE:Debug and emulator platform with Multi-core debugging for SPC5 Power Architecture MCU's by PLS development tools

Universal Debug Engine ® (UDE) is a modern and powerful windows based development platform for application oriented development of the latest microcontroller architectures supporting multi-core, multi-system and high performance embedded target designs.

Together with the Universal Access Device 2 family (UADxx), UDE supports the modern SPC5 series and provides built-in multi-core debugging.

UDE provides deep-in support for all available on-chip debug resources and peripherals. Making use of all on-chip debugging resources, UDE provides high and low-level debugging support for all on-chip peripherals. Experience a completely new and unique debugger concept, based on a customizable set of standard components and core specific add-ons.

Application fields are debugging, real-time trace recording and profiling, as well as the calibration of microcontroller systems during the development, integration and system level test of modern microcontroller systems with high clock frequencies and multicore targets

Key Features

  • True multicore debugging within a singular consistent user interface
  • Nexus class 3 support including trace functions, profiling and code coverage
  • Real time data visualization
  • Programming of on-chip FLASH and external FLASH devices
  • Simultaneous debugging of core and eTPU
  • Execution time measurement
  • CAN recorder
  • Eclipse plug-in with unrestricted cross debugger functionality
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PLSUDEPLS Development Tools