STM8 Software Development Tools

Part NumberGeneral DescriptionMarketing StatusSoftware TypeSupplierSupported DevicesSoftware Version
STM-STUDIO-STM8STM Studio run-time variables monitoring and visualization tool for STM8 microcontrollersActiveSW development suitesSTSTM83.5.1
COS-C-COMPILERFree C Compiler for all STM8, from CosmicActiveSW development suitesCosmicSTM8
STVP-LIB-STM8STVP programming toolkit: C++ source files for creating PC programming interfaceActiveSW development suitesSTSTM83.0.0
STVD-STM8ST Visual develop IDE for developing ST7 and STM8 applicationsActiveSW development suitesSTSTM840
FLASHER-STM8STM8 Flash loader demonstrator (UM0462)ActiveFirmwareSTSTM82.8.0
STVP-STM8ST Visual Programmer STM8ActiveFirmwareSTSTM840
STSW-STM8041Configuration software for STM8S motor control kitActiveSW development suitesSTSTM8S1.0
STSW-STM8042STM8S motor control firmware library builderActiveSW development suitesSTSTM8S1.0.2
IDEACosmic's toolchain for the STM8 family is part of a complete and uniform product line incorporating over 20 years of innovative design and development. Cosmic tools for STM8, 32K Special Edition limited to 32K bytes of code, one year free license available at Cosmic.ActiveSW development suitesCosmicSTM8
IAR-EWSTM8IAR Integrated development environment and optimizing C compiler for STM8ActiveSW development suitesIARSTM8
winIDEA-STM8iSYSTEM's complete software development and test solution for the STM8 MCUsActiveFirmwareiSYSTEMSTM8
RIDE-STM8Raisonance branded integrated development environment for STM8 MCUsActiveSW development suitesRaisonanceSTM8