50V-80V N-Channel Automotive MOSFET

ProductProduct StatusPackagesGreenRDS (on)RDS (on) (@10V)RDS (on) (@4.5V)QGVDSID
IPG20N06S4L-11Aactive and preferredPG-TDSON-8RoHS Halogen-free11.2 mΩ15.8 mΩ41.0 nC60.0 V20.0 A
IPG20N06S4-15discontinued active and preferredPG-TDSON-8 PG-TDSON-8RoHS Halogen-free15.5 mΩ15.5 mΩ22.0 nC60.0 V20.0 A
IPG20N06S4-15Aactive and preferredPG-TDSON-8RoHS Halogen-free15.5 mΩ22.0 nC60.0 V20.0 A
IPG20N06S4L-11active and preferredPG-TDSON-8RoHS Halogen-free11.2 mΩ11.2 mΩ15.8 mΩ41.0 nC60.0 V20.0 A
IPG20N06S4L-14discontinued active and preferredPG-TDSON-8 PG-TDSON-8RoHS Halogen-free13.7 mΩ13.7 mΩ20.0 mΩ30.0 nC60.0 V20.0 A
IPG20N06S4L-26active and preferredPG-TDSON-8RoHS Halogen-free26.0 mΩ26.0 mΩ46.0 mΩ20.0 nC60.0 V20.0 A
IPG20N06S4L-26Aactive and preferredPG-TDSON-8RoHS Halogen-free46.0 mΩ26.0 mΩ46.0 mΩ20.0 nC60.0 V20.0 A
IPG20N06S4L-14Aactive and preferredPG-TDSON-8RoHS Halogen-free13.7 mΩ20.0 mΩ30.0 nC60.0 V20.0 A
D-PAK (TO 252)
AUIRFR48Zactive and preferred active and preferredDPAK DPAKRoHS Halogen-free11.0 mΩ11.0 mΩ40.0 nC55.0 V44.0 A
IPD50N06S2L-13active and preferredPG-TO252-3RoHS Halogen-free12.7 mΩ12.7 mΩ16.7 mΩ52.0 nC55.0 V50.0 A
IPD30N06S2L-13active and preferredPG-TO252-3RoHS Halogen-free13.0 mΩ13.0 mΩ17.0 mΩ52.0 nC55.0 V30.0 A
IPD50N06S2-14active and preferredPG-TO252-3RoHS Halogen-free14.4 mΩ14.4 mΩ39.0 nC55.0 V50.0 A
AUIRFR2905Zactive and preferredDPAKRoHS Halogen-free14.5 mΩ14.5 mΩ29.0 nC55.0 V42.0 A
IPD30N06S2-15active and preferredPG-TO252-3RoHS Halogen-free14.7 mΩ14.7 mΩ39.0 nC55.0 V30.0 A
AUIRFR3806active and preferred active and preferredDPAK DPAKRoHS Halogen-free15.8 mΩ15.8 mΩ22.0 nC60.0 V31.0 A
IPD30N08S2L-21active and preferredPG-TO252-3RoHS Halogen-free20.5 mΩ20.5 mΩ26.0 mΩ43.0 nC75.0 V30.0 A
IPD30N08S2-22active and preferredPG-TO252-3RoHS Halogen-free21.5 mΩ21.5 mΩ44.0 nC75.0 V30.0 A
AUIRFR2607Zactive and preferredDPAKRoHS Halogen-free22.0 mΩ22.0 mΩ34.0 nC75.0 V32.0 A
IPD30N06S2L-23active and preferredPG-TO252-3RoHS Halogen-free23.0 mΩ23.0 mΩ30.0 mΩ33.0 nC55.0 V30.0 A
IPD30N06S2-23active and preferredPG-TO252-3RoHS Halogen-free23.0 mΩ23.0 mΩ25.0 nC55.0 V30.0 A
AUIRFR4105Zactive and preferredDPAKRoHS Halogen-free24.5 mΩ24.5 mΩ18.0 nC55.0 V21.0 A
AUIRLR2905active and preferred active and preferred active and preferredIPAK DPAK DPAKRoHS Halogen-free27.0 mΩ27.0 mΩ32.0 nC55.0 V30.0 A
AUIRLR2908active and preferred not for new designDPAK DPAKRoHS Halogen-free28.0 mΩ28.0 mΩ30.0 mΩ22.0 nC80.0 V28.0 A
IPD26N06S2L-35active and preferredPG-TO252-3RoHS Halogen-free35.0 mΩ35.0 mΩ47.0 mΩ10.0 nC55.0 V30.0 A
IPD25N06S2-40active and preferredPG-TO252-3RoHS Halogen-free40.0 mΩ40.0 mΩ14.0 nC55.0 V29.0 A
IPD22N08S2L-50active and preferredPG-TO252-3RoHS Halogen-free50.0 mΩ50.0 mΩ65.0 mΩ21.0 nC75.0 V22.0 A
AUIRLR024Zactive and preferred active and preferredDPAK DPAKRoHS Halogen-free58.0 mΩ58.0 mΩ100.0 mΩ6.6 nC55.0 V11.0 A
IPD15N06S2L-64active and preferredPG-TO252-3RoHS Halogen-free64.0 mΩ64.0 mΩ85.0 mΩ11.0 nC55.0 V19.0 A
AUIRLR024Nactive and preferred active and preferredDPAK DPAKRoHS Halogen-free65.0 mΩ65.0 mΩ10.0 nC55.0 V12.0 A
IPD14N06S2-80active and preferredPG-TO252-3RoHS Halogen-free80.0 mΩ80.0 mΩ8.0 nC55.0 V17.0 A
AUIRLR014Nactive and preferred active and preferredDPAK DPAKRoHS Halogen-free140.0 mΩ140.0 mΩ210.0 mΩ5.3 nC55.0 V7.1 A
D2-PAK (TO263)
AUIRLS3036-7Pactive and preferred active and preferredD2PAK7P D2PAK7PRoHS Halogen-free1.9 mΩ1.9 mΩ2.2 mΩ110.0 nC60.0 V210.0 A
IPB180N08S4-02active and preferredPG-TO263-7RoHS Halogen-free2.2 mΩ2.2 mΩ167.0 nC80.0 V180.0 A
AUIRLS3036active and preferred active and preferredD2PAK D2PAKRoHS Halogen-free2.4 mΩ2.4 mΩ2.8 mΩ91.0 nC60.0 V190.0 A
IPB120N08S4-03active and preferredPG-TO263-3RoHS Halogen-free2.5 mΩ2.5 mΩ167.0 nC80.0 V120.0 A
AUIRF3805S-7Pactive and preferredD2PAK7PRoHS Halogen-free2.6 mΩ2.6 mΩ130.0 nC55.0 V170.0 A
AUIRF3805L-7Pactive and preferredD2PAK7PRoHS Halogen-free2.6 mΩ2.6 mΩ130.0 nC55.0 V170.0 A
AUIRFS3107active and preferred active and preferredD2PAK D2PAKRoHS Halogen-free3.0 mΩ3.0 mΩ160.0 nC75.0 V160.0 A
IPB120N08S4-04active and preferredPG-TO263-3RoHS Halogen-free4.1 mΩ4.1 mΩ95.0 nC80.0 V120.0 A
AUIRFS3306active and preferred active and preferredD2PAK D2PAKRoHS Halogen-free4.2 mΩ4.2 mΩ85.0 nC60.0 V110.0 A
IPB100N06S2L-05active and preferredPG-TO263-3RoHS Halogen-free4.4 mΩ4.4 mΩ5.6 mΩ170.0 nC55.0 V100.0 A
IPB80N06S2L-05discontinuedPG-TO263-3RoHS Halogen-free4.5 mΩ4.5 mΩ5.7 mΩ170.0 nC55.0 V80.0 A
IPB100N06S2-05active and preferredPG-TO263-3RoHS Halogen-free4.7 mΩ4.7 mΩ130.0 nC55.0 V100.0 A
IPB80N06S2L-H5active and preferredPG-TO263-3RoHS Halogen-free4.7 mΩ4.7 mΩ6.2 mΩ145.0 nC55.0 V80.0 A
IPB80N06S2-05discontinuedPG-TO263-3RoHS Halogen-free4.8 mΩ4.8 mΩ130.0 nC55.0 V80.0 A
AUIRF1405ZS-7Pactive and preferred active and preferredD2PAK7P D2PAK7PRoHS Halogen-free4.9 mΩ4.9 mΩ150.0 nC55.0 V
AUIRF1405ZSactive and preferredD2PAKRoHS Halogen-free4.9 mΩ4.9 mΩ120.0 nC55.0 V110.0 A
IPB80N07S4-055.2 mΩ5.2 mΩ69.0 nC75.0 V80.0 A
IPB80N06S2-H5active and preferredPG-TO263-3RoHS Halogen-free5.2 mΩ5.2 mΩ116.0 nC55.0 V80.0 A
IPB80N08S4-06active and preferredPG-TO263-3RoHS Halogen-free5.5 mΩ5.5 mΩ70.0 nC80.0 V80.0 A
IPB80N06S2L-06active and preferredPG-TO263-3RoHS Halogen-free6.0 mΩ6.0 mΩ8.1 mΩ114.0 nC55.0 V80.0 A
IPB80N06S2-07active and preferredPG-TO263-3RoHS Halogen-free6.3 mΩ6.3 mΩ86.0 nC55.0 V80.0 A
AUIRF3205ZSactive and preferredD2PAKRoHS Halogen-free6.5 mΩ6.5 mΩ76.0 nC55.0 V78.0 A
IPB100N08S2L-07active and preferredPG-TO263-3RoHS Halogen-free6.5 mΩ6.5 mΩ8.4 mΩ185.0 nC75.0 V100.0 A
IPB80N06S2L-07active and preferredPG-TO263-3RoHS Halogen-free6.7 mΩ6.7 mΩ9.7 mΩ95.0 nC55.0 V80.0 A
IPB100N08S2-07active and preferredPG-TO263-3RoHS Halogen-free6.8 mΩ6.8 mΩ153.0 nC75.0 V100.0 A
IPB80N08S2L-07active and preferredPG-TO263-3RoHS Halogen-free6.8 mΩ6.8 mΩ9.0 mΩ186.0 nC75.0 V80.0 A
IPB80N08S2-07active and preferredPG-TO263-3RoHS Halogen-free7.1 mΩ7.1 mΩ8.4 mΩ182.0 nC75.0 V80.0 A
IPB80N06S2-08active and preferredPG-TO263-3RoHS Halogen-free7.7 mΩ7.7 mΩ72.0 nC55.0 V80.0 A
SPB80N06S-08not for new designPG-TO263-3RoHS Halogen-free8.0 mΩ8.0 mΩ125.0 nC55.0 V80.0 A
IPB80N06S2L-09active and preferredPG-TO263-3RoHS Halogen-free8.2 mΩ8.2 mΩ11.0 mΩ82.0 nC55.0 V80.0 A
AUIRF1010EZSactive and preferredD2PAKRoHS Halogen-free8.5 mΩ8.5 mΩ58.0 nC60.0 V60.0 A
IPB80N06S2-09active and preferredPG-TO263-3RoHS Halogen-free8.8 mΩ8.8 mΩ60.0 nC55.0 V80.0 A
AUIRFS3607active and preferred