Cellular (700 MHz to 1000 MHz)

ProductProduct StatusPackagesGreenFlange TypeMatchingFrequency BandP1dBSupply Voltage
PTFA072401FL - 240W
PTFA072401FL V5active and preferredH-34288-2RoHS Halogen-freeEarlessI/O725.0 MHz770.0 MHz240.0 W28.0 V
PTFA080551E/F - 55W
PTFA080551E V4active and preferredH-36265-2RoHS Halogen-freeBolt DownInput869.0 MHz960.0 MHz55.0 W28.0 V
PTFA080551F V4active and preferredH-37265-2RoHS Halogen-freeEarlessInput869.0 MHz960.0 MHz55.0 W28.0 V
PTFA091201E/F - 120W
PTFA091201E V4active and preferredH-36248-2RoHS Halogen-freeBolt DownI/O920.0 MHz960.0 MHz120.0 W28.0 V
PTFA091201F V4discontinuedH-37248-2RoHS Halogen-freeEarlessI/O920.0 MHz960.0 MHz120.0 W28.0 V
PTFA091503EL - 150W
PTFA091503EL V4active and preferredH-33288-6RoHS Halogen-freeBolt DownI/O920.0 MHz960.0 MHz150.0 W30.0 V
PTFA092201E/F - 220W
PTFA092201E V4active and preferredH-36260-2RoHS Halogen-freeBolt DownI/O920.0 MHz960.0 MHz250.0 W30.0 V
PTFA092201F V4discontinuedH-37260-2RoHS Halogen-freeEarlessI/O920.0 MHz960.0 MHz250.0 W30.0 V
PTFA092213EL/FL - 220W
PTFA092213EL V4discontinuedH-33288-6RoHS Halogen-freeBolt DownI/O920.0 MHz960.0 MHz250.0 W30.0 V
PTFA092213FL V5discontinuedH-34288-4RoHS Halogen-freeEarlessI/O920.0 MHz960.0 MHz250.0 W30.0 V
PTFB072707FH - 240W
PTFB072707FH V1active and preferredH-34288G-4RoHS Halogen-freeEarlessI/O728.0 MHz768.0 MHz270.0 W28.0 V
PTFB082817FH - 280W
PTFB082817FH V1discontinuedH-34288-4RoHS Halogen-freeEarlessI/O791.0 MHz821.0 MHz250.0 W28.0 V
PTFB090901EA/FA - 90W
PTFB090901EA V2active and preferredH-36265-2RoHS Halogen-freeBolt DownI/O920.0 MHz960.0 MHz90.0 W28.0 V
PTFB090901FA V2active and preferredH-37265-2RoHS Halogen-freeEarlessI/O920.0 MHz960.0 MHz90.0 W28.0 V
PTFB091507FH - 160W
PTFB091507FH V1active and preferredH-34288-4RoHS Halogen-freeEarlessI/O920.0 MHz960.0 MHz150.0 W28.0 V
PTFB091802FC - 180W
PTFB091802FC V1active and preferredH-37248-4RoHS Halogen-freeEarlessI/O920.0 MHz960.0 MHz180.0 W28.0 V
PTFB092707FH - 270W
PTFB092707FH V1active and preferredH-37288L-4RoHS Halogen-freeEarlessI/O925.0 MHz960.0 MHz270.0 W28.0 V
PTFB093608FV/SV - 2X180W
PTFB093608FV V3active and preferredH-37275G-6RoHS Halogen-freeEarlessI/O920.0 MHz960.0 MHz360.0 W28.0 V
PTFB093608SV V2 R250active and preferredH-37275G-6RoHS Halogen-freeSurface MountI/O920.0 MHz960.0 MHz360.0 W28.0 V
PTRA093302FC - 330 W
PTRA093302FC V1active and preferredH-37248-4RoHS Halogen-freeEarlessInput746.0 MHz768.0 MHz330.0 W50.0 V