LT1116 - 12ns, Single Supply Ground-Sensing Comparator

The LT1116 is an ultra fast (12ns) comparator designed for sensing signals near the negative supply. The input common mode range extends from 2.5V below the positive supply down to the negative supply rail. Like the LT1016, this comparator is specifically designed to interface directly to TTL logic with complementary outputs. The comparator may operate from either a single 5V supply or dual ±5V supplies. Tight offset voltage specifications and high gain allow the LT1116 to be used in precision applications.

The LT1116 is designed for improved speed and stability for a wide range of operating conditions. The output stage provides active drive in both directions for maximum speed into TTL logic or passive loads, yet it has minimal cross-conduction current. Unlike other fast comparators, the LT1116 remains stable even for slow transitions through the active region, which eliminates the need to specify a minimum input slew rate.

The LT1116 has an internal, TTL compatible latch for retaining data at the outputs. The latch holds data as long as the latch pin is held high. Device parameters such as gain, offset, and negative power supply current are not significantly affected by variations in negative supply voltage.

  • Ultra Fast (12ns Typ)
  • Operates off Single 5V Supply or ±5V
  • Input Common Mode Extends to Negative Supply
  • No Minimum Input Slew Rate Requirement
  • Complementary TTL Output
  • Inputs Can Exceed the Positive Supply Up to 15V without Damaging the Comparator
  • Low Offset Voltage
  • Pin-Compatible with LT1016
  • Output Latch Capability
  • Available in 8-Lead PDIP and SO Packages
Typical Application
LT1116 Typical Application
LT1116 Typical Application
  • High Speed A/D Converters
  • Zero Crossing Detectors
  • Current Sense for Switching Regulators
  • Extended Range V to F Converters
  • Fast Pulse Height/Width Discriminators
  • High Speed Triggers
  • Line Receivers
  • High Speed Sampling Circuits
LT1116 Package Drawing
LT1116 Package Drawing
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