LT1011/LT1011A - Voltage Comparator

The LT1011 is a general purpose comparator with significantly better input characteristics than the LM111. Although pin compatible with the LM111, it offers four times lower bias current, six times lower offset voltage and five times higher voltage gain. Offset voltage drift, a previously unspecified parameter, is guaranteed at 15μV/°C. Additionally, the supply current is lower by a factor of two with no loss in speed. The LT1011 is several times faster than the LM111 when subjected to large overdrive conditions. It is also fully specified for DC parameters and response time when operating on a single 5V supply. The LT1011 retains all the versatile features of the LM111, including single 3V to ±18V supply operation, and a floating transistor output with 50mA source/sink capability. It can drive loads referenced to ground, negative supply or positive supply, and is specified up to 50V between V– and the collector output. A differential input voltage up to the full supply voltage is allowed, even with ±18V supplies, enabling the inputs to be clamped to the supplies with simple diode clamps.

  • Pin-Compatible with LM111 Series Devices
  • Guaranteed Max. 0.5mV Input Offset Voltage
  • Guaranteed Max. 25nA Input Bias Current
  • Guaranteed Max. 3nA Input Offset Current
  • Guaranteed Max. 250ns Response Time
  • Guaranteed Min. 200,000 Voltage Gain
  • 50mA Output Current Source or Sink
  • ±30V Differential Input Voltage
  • Fully Specified for Single 5V Operation
  • Available in 8-Lead PDIP and SO Packages
Typical Application
LT1011 Typical Application
LT1011 Typical Application
  • SAR A/D Converters
  • Voltage to Frequency Converters
  • Precision RC Oscillator
  • Peak Detector
  • Motor Speed Control
  • Pulse Generator
  • Relay/Lamp Driver
LT1011 Package Drawing
LT1011 Package Drawing
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