LT1017 - Micropower Dual Comparator

The LT1017/LT1018 are general purpose micropower comparators. The LT1017 is optimized for lowest operating power while the LT1018 operates at higher power and higher speed. Both devices can operate from a single 1.1V cell up to 40V. The output stage includes a class “B” pull-up current source, eliminating the need for an external resistive pull-up and saving power. The output stage is also designed to allow driving loads connected to a supply more positive than the device, as can comparators with open-collector output stages.

Input specifications are also excellent. On-chip trimming minimizes offset voltage, while high gain and common mode rejection ratio keep other input referred errors low. Common mode voltage range includes ground. Special circuitry prevents false output states even if the input is overdriven.

The LT1017/LT1018 are pin compatible with older dual comparators such as 393 type devices.

  • Maximum Offset Voltage: 1mV
  • Maximum Bias Current: 15nA
  • Typical Output Drive: 70mA
  • Operates from 1.1V to 40V
  • Internal Pull-Up Current
  • Output Can Drive Loads Above V+
  • 30µA Supply Current (LT1017) 110µA Supply Current (LT1018)
  • Available in 8-Lead PDIP, 8-Lead Plastic S0, and 16-Lead Plastic SO Packages
Typical Application
LT1017 Typical Application
LT1017 Typical Application
  • Power Supply Monitors
  • Relay Driving
  • Oscillators
LT1017 Package Drawing
LT1017 Package Drawing
LT1017 Package Drawing
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