LT1716 - SOT-23, 44V, Over-The-Top, Micropower, Precision Rail-to-Rail Comparator

The LT®1716 comparator operates on any total power supply voltage between 2.7V and 44V drawing 35µA of quiescent current. The LT1716 has a unique input stage that can be taken 44V above V–, independent of V+ supply. (Built-in resistors protect the inputs for faults below the negative supply of up to 5V.) The inputs can withstand 44V both differential and common mode.

The output stage includes a class “B” pull-up current source, eliminating the need for an external resistive pullup and saving power. Output voltage swings to within 35mV of the negative supply and 55mV of the positive supply, which makes the comparator a good choice for low voltage single supply operation. The output stage is also designed to drive loads connected to a higher supply than the LT1716 supply, the same as an open collector output stage.

The LT1716 is available in a SOT-23 5-lead package.

  • Operates from 2.7V to 44V
  • Over-The-Top®: Input Common Mode Range Extends 44V Above V-, Independent of V+
  • Micropower: 35µA IQ
  • Offset Voltage: 1.5mV Max
  • 5-Pin SOT-23 Package
  • Valid Output with Either Input 5V Below V –
  • Rail-to-Rail Output Swing
  • Output Can Drive Loads Above V+
  • Internal Pull-Up Current
  • –40°C to 125°C Operating Temperature Range
  • Low Profile (1mm) SOT-23 (ThinSOT™) Package
Typical Application
LT1716 Typical Application
LT1716 Typical Application
  • Power Supply Monitors
  • Relay/Lamp Driver
  • Oscillators
  • Peak Detector
  • Level Shifting
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