LT1714 - Single/Dual, 7ns, Low Power, 3V/5V/±5V Rail-to-Rail Comparators

The LT1713/LT1714 are designed for ease of use in avariety of systems. In addition to wide supply voltageflexibility, rail-to-rail input common mode range extends100mV beyond both supply rails and the outputs areprotected against phase reversal for inputs extendingfurther beyond the rails. Also,the rail-to-rail inputs maybetaken to opposite rails with no significant increase in inputcurrent. The rail-to-rail matched complementary outputsinterface directly to TTL or CMOS logic and can sink 10mAto within 0.5V of GND or source 10mA to within 0.7V of V+ .

The LT1713/LT1714 have internal TTL/CMOS compatiblelatches for retaining data at the outputs. Each latch holdsdata as long as its latch pin is held high. Latch pinhysteresis provides protection against slow moving ornoisy latch signals. The LT1713 is available in the 8-leadMSOP package. The LT1714 is available in the 16-leadnarrow SSOP package.

  • Ultrafast: 7ns at 20mV Overdrive 8.5ns at 5mV Overdrive
  • Rail-to-Rail Inputs
  • Rail-to-Rail Complementary Outputs (TTL/CMOS Compatible)
  • Specified at 2.7V, 5V and ±5V Supplies
  • Low Power (Per Comparator): 5mA
  • Output Latch
  • Inputs Can Exceed Supplies Without Phase Reversal
  • LT1713: 8-Lead MSOP Package
  • LT1714: 16-Lead Narrow SSOP Package
Typical Application
LT1714 Typical Application
LT1714 Typical Application
  • High Speed Automatic Test Equipment
  • Current Sense for Switching Regulators
  • Crystal Oscillator Circuits
  • High Speed Sampling Circuits
  • High Speed A/D Converters
  • Pulse Width Modulators
  • Window Comparators
  • Extended Range V/F Converters
  • Fast Pulse Height/Width Discriminators
  • Line Receivers
  • High Speed Triggers
LT1714 Package Drawing
LT1714 Package Drawing
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