LTC1059 - High Performance Switched Capacitor Universal Filter

The LTC®1059 consists of a general purpose, high performance, active filter building block and an uncommitted op amp. The filter building block together with an external clock and 2 to 5 resistors can produce various 2nd order functions which are available at its three output pins. Two out of three always provide lowpass and bandpass functions while the third output pin can produce notch or highpass or allpass. The center frequency of these functions can be tuned from 0.1Hz to 40kHz and is dependent on an external clock or an external clock and a resistor ratio. The filter can handle input frequencies up to 100kHz. The uncommitted op amp can be used to obtain additional allpass and notch functions, for gain adjustment or for cascading techniques.

Higher than 2nd order filter functions can be obtained by cascading the LTC1059 with the LTC1060 dual universal filter or the LTC1061 triple universal filter. Any classical filter realization (such as Butterworth, Cauer, Bessel and Chebyshev) can be formed.

The LTC1059 can be operated with single or dual supplies ranging from ±2.37V to ±8V (or 4.74V to 16V single supply).

The LTC1059 is manufactured by using Linear Technology?s enhanced LTCMOS? silicon gate process.

  • All Filter Parameters Guaranteed over Temperature
  • Wide Center Frequency Range (0.1Hz to 40kHz)
  • Low Noise Wide Dynamic Range
  • Guaranteed Operation for ±2.37V and ±5V Supply
  • Low Power Consumption
  • Guaranteed Clock-to-Center Frequency Accuracy of 0.8% (LTC1059A)
  • Guaranteed Low Offset Voltages over Temperature
  • Very Low Center Frequency and Q Tempco
  • Clock Input T²L or CMOS Compatible
  • Separate Highpass (or Notch or Allpass), Bandpass, Lowpass Outputs
Typical Application
LTC1059 Typical Application
LTC1059 Typical Application
  • Sinewave Oscillators
  • Sweepable Bandpass/Notch Filters
  • Full Audio Frequency Filters
  • Tracking Filters
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