LTC1564 - 10kHz to 150kHz Digitally Controlled Antialiasing Filter and 4-Bit P.G.A

The LTC1564 is a rail-to-rail high resolution 8th-order lowpass filter with two stopband notches, giving approximately 100dB attenuation at 2.5 times the passband cutoff frequency fC (a de-facto standard for DSP front ends). Signals with low or variable levels can be normalized with the built-in variable gain that reduces input-referred noise with increasing gain for a typical dynamic range (maximum signal level to minimum noise) of 122dB (20 equivalent bits) with 20kHz fC and 118dB at 100kHz fC on a ±5V supply.

Other frequency-response shapes can be provided upon request. Please contact LTC Marketing.

  • 4-Bit Digitally Controlled 8th-Order Lowpass Filter –fCUTOFF Adjustable from 10kHz to 150kHz in 10kHz Steps
  • 4-Bit Digitally Controlled Programmable Gain Amplifier – G = 1 to 16 in 1V/V Steps
  • Miniature 16-Pin SSOP Package
  • No External Components
  • 122dB Total System Dynamic Range
  • Rail-to-Rail Input and Output Range
  • 2.7V to 10V Operation
  • Low Noise Mute Mode
  • Low Power Shutdown Mode
  • Available in 16-Lead Plastic SSOP Package
Typical Application
LTC1564 Typical Application
LTC1564 Typical Application
  • Antialias or Reconstruction Filtering
  • DSP Systems
  • Communications Systems
  • Scientific Instruments
  • High Resolutions (16 Bits to 20 Bits)
  • Processing Signals Buried in Noise
  • Audio Signal Processing
  • Programmable Data Rates
  • Automatic Gain Control (AGC)
  • Single Part Replacing Multiple Filters
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DC393ALTC1564CG | Digitally Programmable Amplifier and Filter$150.00
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