LTC1566-1 - Low Noise 2.3MHz Continuous Time Lowpass Filter

The LTC®1566-1 is a 7th order continuous time lowpass filter with 12dB of passband gain. The selectivity, linearity and dynamic range makes the LTC1566-1 suitable for filtering in data communications or data acquisition systems. The filter attenuation is 40dB at 1.5 × fCUTOFF and at least 60dB for frequencies above 10MHz.

The LTC1566-1 has an input referred noise of 62µVRMS in a 2MHz bandwidth. In receiver applications where the signal levels are small, the filter features 71dB of spurious free dynamic range.

With 5% accuracy of the cutoff frequency, the LTC1566-1 can be used in applications requiring pairs of matched filters, such as transceiver I and Q channels.

The differential inputs and outputs provide a simple interface for wireless systems. The high impedance inputs are easily coupled to differential demodulators or D/A converters. The output DC common mode voltage and output DC offset voltage are adjustable so the signal path can be optimized for driving an A/D converter or differential modulator.

Other cutoff frequencies and single-ended I/O can be provided upon request. Please contact LTC Marketing.

  • 7th Order, 2.3MHz Lowpass Filter in an SO-8
  • 62µVRMS Input Referred Noise
  • Operates on a Single 5V or a ±5V Supply
  • Differential Inputs and Outputs
  • Low Offset (3mV typical, 10mVMAX)
  • Adjustable Output Common Mode Voltage
  • 40dB Attenuation at 1.5 x fCUTOFF
  • Requires No External Components
Typical Application
LTC1566-1 Typical Application
LTC1566-1 Typical Application
  • WCDMA Basestations
  • Communication Filters
  • Antialiasing Filters
  • Smoothing or Reconstruction Filters
  • Matched Filter Pairs
  • Replacement for LC Filters
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