LTC1565-31 - 650kHz Continuous Time, Linear Phase Lowpass Filter

The LTC1565-31 is a 7th order, continuous time, linear phase lowpass filter. The selectivity of the LTC1565-31, combined with its linear phase and dynamic range, make it suitable for filtering in data communications or data acquisition systems. The filter attenuation is 36dB at 2× fCUTOFF and at least 72dB for frequencies above 3× fCUTOFF. Unlike comparable LC filters, the LTC1565-31 achieves this selectivity with a linear phase response in the passband.  With 5% accuracy of the cutoff frequency, the LTC1565-31 can be used in applications requiring pairs of matched filters, such as transceiver I and Q channels. Furthermore, the differential inputs and outputs provide a simple interface for these wireless systems. With a single 5V supply and a 2VP-P input, the LTC1565-31 features an impressive spurious free dynamic range of 75dB. The maximum signal-to-noise ratio is 78dB and it is achieved with a 2.5VP-P input signal. The LTC1565-31 features a shutdown mode where power supply current is typically less than 10μA. For W-CDMA, 3G, CDMA 2000 and other cellular and noncellular cutoff frequencies or single-ended I/O, please contact LTC Marketing for additional information.

  • 7th Order, 650kHz Linear Phase Filter in an SO-8
  • Differential Inputs and Outputs
  • Operates on a Single 5V or a ±5V Supply
  • Low Offset: 5mV Typical
  • 75dB THD and SNR
  • 78dB SNR
  • Shutdown Mode
  • Requires No External Components
  • Requires No External Clock Signal
Typical Application
LTC1565-31 Typical Application
LTC1565-31 Typical Application
  • CDMA Basestations
  • Data Communications
  • Antialiasing Filters
  • Smoothing or Reconstruction Filters
  • Matched Filter Pairs
  • Replacement for LC Filters
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