LTC2442 - 24-Bit High Speed 4-Channel Delta Sigma ADC with Integrated Amplifier

The LTC2442 is an ultra high precision, variable speed, 24-bit Delta Sigma ADC with integrated amplifier. The amplifier can be configured as a buffer for easy input drive of high impedance sensors. 1 part-per-million (ppm) linearity is achievable when the amplifier is configured in unity gain. External resistors can be used to set a gain for increased resolution of low level input signals. The positive and negative amplifier supply pins may be tied directly to VCC (4.5V to 5.5V) and GND or biased above VCC and below GND for rail-to-rail input signals.

The proprietary ΔΣ architecture ensures stable DC accuracy through continuous transparent calibration. Ten speed/resolution combinations from 6.9Hz/220nVRMS to 3.5kHz/25µVRMS can be selected with no latency or shift in DC accuracy. Additionally, a 2X speed mode can be selected enabling output rates up to 7kHz (8kHz with an external oscillator) with one cycle latency.

Any combination of single-ended (up to 4 inputs) or differential (up to 2 inputs) can be selected with a common mode input range from ground to VCC. While operating in the 1X speed mode the first conversion following a new speed/resolution or channel selection is valid.

  • 1ppm Linearity with No Missing Codes
  • Integrated Amplifi er for Direct Sensor Digitization
  • 2 Differential or 4 Single-Ended Input Channels
  • Up to 8kHz Output Rate
  • Up to 4kHz Multiplexing Rate
  • Selectable Speed/Resolution   2µVRMS Noise at 1.76kHz Output Rate   220nVRMS Noise at 13.8Hz Output Rate with   Simultaneous 50Hz/60Hz Rejection
  • Guaranteed Modulator Stability and Lock-Up Immunity for any Input and Reference Conditions
  • <5µV Offset (4.5V < VCC < 5.5V, –40°C to 85°C)
  • Differential Input and Differential Reference with GND to VCC Common Mode Range
  • No Latency Mode, Each Conversion is Accurate Even After a New Channel is Selected
  • Internal Oscillator—No External Components
  • 36-Lead SSOP Package
Typical Application

  • Auto Ranging 6-Digit DVMs
  • High Speed Multiplexing
  • Weight Scales
  • Direct Temperature Measurement
  • High Speed Data Acquisition
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DC979ALTC2442CG 24-Bit Buffered Delta Sigma ADC (req DC590)$50.00
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DC590BIsolated USB Serial Controller for Linear Technology QuikEval-Compatible Demo Boards$50.00
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