Data Conversion

Data converters translate real world signals such as temperature, pressure, or voice into the digital realm and back again.  Linear Technology's high performance analog to digital converters (ADCs) offer solutions for applications ranging from 24-bit precision measurements to 250Msps communications systems. Our a to d topologies include delta sigma, SAR (successive approximation register) adc, and high speed pipeline analog to digital. Our digital to analog converters (DACs) offer a range of resolutions, output ranges and package densities. We offer voltage output d to a, current output d to a, and high speed digital to analog.

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    DN400 - 真正的轨至轨,高输入阻抗 ADC 简化了精准测量
    DN555 - 用于 16 位 2.5Gsps 高性能 DAC 的卓越时钟解决方案
    AN120 - 1ppm Settling Time Measurement for a Monolithic 18-Bit DAC
    AN96 - Delta Sigma ADC Bridge Measurement Techniques
    AN86 - A Standards Lab Grade 20-Bit DAC with 0.1ppm/° Drift: The Dedicated Art of Digitizing One Part Per Million
    DN400 - True Rail-to-Rail, High Input Impedance ADC Simplifies Precision Measurements
    DN379 - Easy Drive ADCs Simplify Measurement of High Impedance Sensors
    DN555 - Uncompromised Clocking Solution for 16-Bit 2.5Gsps High Performance DAC
    Precision Signal Chain Products Selector Guide
    Isolated Data Conversion
    24-Bit 2Msps SAR ADC
    Jun 2007 - SAR ADCs Feature Speed, Low Power, Small Package Size and True Simultaneous Sampling
    Avoid Debugging Cycles in Power Management for FPGA, GPU and ASIC Systems
    Low Power, Precision Op Amp Simplifies Driving of MUXed ADCs
    Wireless & RF Solutions
    Industrial Signal Chain
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    WP02 - Interfacing Linear Technology’s DDR LVDS ADCs to an Altera Stratix IV FPGA