Monitor, Control and Protection

Linear Technology provides an extensive array of integrated circuits to monitor and control circuit board DC power supplies, and protect electronics from damaging voltages and currents. Monitoring functions include voltage supervision for reset generation, as well as ADC-based digital measurements of voltage, current, charge, power, energy, and temperature. For power control, devices can turn on/off power supply rails (e.g., through a pushbutton) and also sequence, track, trim, and margin them with precision. Devices such as Surge Stoppers, Hot Swap and Ideal diode controllers protect electronic sub-systems against abnormal voltages (undervoltage, overvoltage surges such as automotive load dump, reversed inputs, or reversed output ports) and currents (short-circuits, overcurrents, or reverse currents).  Our robust Power over Ethernet (PoE) controllers allow up to 90W of power to be managed and transferred between power sourcing equipment (PSE) and powered devices (PDs) over low-cost Ethernet cables, thereby avoiding costly AC outlet installations and running power cables.  All of these devices incorporate a high degree of accuracy, offer varying levels of functional integration, and feature analog or digital configuration, resulting in cost-efficient designs that would otherwise be burdened with multiple complicated components when designed discretely. The Monitor, Control and Protection family provides convenient solutions for the growing number of analog and digital power management functions demanded by today's high-performance systems.

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LT Journal
    DN427 - 具故障保险电压监视功能的按钮 ON/OFF 控制器
    DN391 - 按钮接通/关断控制器简化了系统设计
    DN389 - 利用纤巧型负载点电路来简化电源电压的跟踪和排序
    DN384 - 准确的电源排序可防止系统受损
    Using the LTC2937 A Step-by-Step Guide to Sequencing and Supervision
    AN155 - Fault Log Decoding with Linduino PSM
    AN160 - Single-Channel Power Supply Monitor with Remote Temperature Sense
    DN427 - Pushbutton On/Off Controller with Failsafe Voltage Monitoring
    DN391 - Pushbutton On/Off Controller Simplifies System Design
    DN389 - Tracking and Sequencing Made Simple with Tiny Point-of-Load Circuit
    DN384 - Accurate Power Supply Sequencing Prevents System Damage
    DN372 - Power Supply Tracker Can Also Margin Supplies
    5kVRMS Isolated Switch Controller with Telemetry
    60V Battery Gas Gauge
    High Performance Low Dropout Linear Regulators (LDOs)
    Feb 2004 Versatile Power Supply Tracking without MOSFETs
    Dual Input, 42V, 2.5A Synchronous Buck Converter Features Seamless, Automatic Transition Between Two Input Power Sources and Meets Stringent CISPR 25 Class 5 EMI Limits
    Low Quiescent Current Surge Stopper: Robust Automotive Supply Protection for ISO 7637-2 and ISO 16750-2 Compliance