Space and Harsh Environment

Linear Technology continues to dedicate resources to meet the needs of the space and harsh environment markets and to ship product to the top defense electronics contractors. Linear Technology manufactures a broad range of rugged, hermetic packaged radiation tolerant and military temperature range amplifiers, comparators, references, regulators and other specialist analog functions that are ideal for space and military applications. Products offered in Military Plastic (MP) grade offer extended operating temperature range, enhanced reliability screening and tighter in-process controls over standard products. Current products include amplifiers, comparators, µModule regulators, switching and low dropout linear regulators, references, power management and other specialist analog functions. Linear Technology has received full Qualified Manufacturers Listing (QML) certification / qualification. Our Joint Army Navy (JAN) products are supplied as Class level S. These QML products are listed in the Defense Supply Center Columbus (DSCC) QML-38535 manufacturers list. Additionally, Linear Technology has a selected number of Defense Electronics Supply Center (DESC) Drawings references. Linear Technology is proud to have received numerous Military and Aerospace quality awards. Click here to view the certificates

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