Linear Technology offers a wide range of phase-locked loops (PLL), clock buffers, clock generators and distributors, silicon oscillators and solid state timing devices. All of these products are fully supported by simulation and design tools that minimize the effort needed to design in these parts. Our very low phase noise integer-N and fractional-N PLLs come with or without an integrated VCO to solve a multitude of local oscillator (LO) problems up to several GHz in frequency. These devises exhibit extremely low spurious output signals, making them suitable for the most demanding applications. Linear Technology’s clock buffers are ideal for converting weak sine waves into low jitter logic levels. These parts can also be used to distribute reference and data converter clocks with minimum additive jitter. We also offer clock generators and distributors that are suitable for producing the low jitter clocks essential to clocking data converters with high signal-to-noise ratio (SNR). These devices introduce a simple but effective method to edge-synchronize multiple outputs from one or more chips. Silicon oscillators and solid state timing devices eliminate the need for crystal or ceramic resonators and timing capacitors. Our devices have been designed for simplicity, accuracy and small size. The solid state nature allows these devices to withstand high shock, vibration and temperature, making them ideal for rugged applications.

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      DN293 Using the LTC6900 Low Power SOT-23 Oscillator as a VCO
      DN555 - 用于 16 位 2.5Gsps 高性能 DAC 的卓越时钟解决方案
      DN514 - 一款用于 RF 系统的坚固型 10MHz 基准时钟输入保护电路和分配器
      AN98 - Signal Sources, Conditioners and Power Circuitry Circuits of the Fall, 2004
      AN93 - Instrumentation Applications for a Monolithic Oscillator: A Clock for All Reasons
      AN161 - LTC6951 Synchronization Manual Design Examples for EZSync, ParallelSync, EZParallelSync and EZ204Sync
      DN293 - Using the LTC6900 Low Power SOT-23 Oscillator as a VCO
      DN555 - Uncompromised Clocking Solution for 16-Bit 2.5Gsps High Performance DAC
      DN514 - A Robust 10MHz Reference Clock Input Protection Circuit and Distributor for RF Systems
      Ultralow Jitter Clock Generators and Distributors Maximize Data Converter SNR
      Less than 20fsRMS Additive Jitter Clock Distribution Solution with EZSync
      Configurable Wake-Up Timer with Pushbutton Control
      Multi-Output Clock Synthesizer with Integrated VCO Features the Low Jitter Required to Drive Modern High Speed ADC and DAC Clock Inputs
      1.4GHz Low Jitter PLL with Clock Distribution Solves Difficult Clocking Problems: Multi-Clock Synchronization and Data Converter Clocking
      Fractional-N PLL with Integrated 6GHz+ VCO Delivers Fractional-N Benefits without Complexity or Performance Downsides
      Products for Harsh Environments