LTC6601-1 - Low Noise, 0.5% Tolerance, 5MHz to 28MHz, Pin Configurable Filter/ADC Driver

The LTC6601-1 is a very easy-to-use fully differential 2nd order active RC filter and driver. On-chip resistors, capacitors, and amplifier bandwidth are trimmed to provide consistent and repeatable filter characteristics. The filter characteristics are pin-strap configurable. Cutoff frequencies range from 5MHz to 28MHz. Gain is pin-strap programmable between –17dB and +17dB. A three-state BIAS pin is provided to adjust amplifier power consumption. Select between high performance, low power (50% power reduction), and standby modes with the BIAS pin. The LTC6601-1 is available in a compact 4mm × 4mm 16-pin leadless QFN package.

  • Pin Configurable Gain and Filter Response Up to 28MHz
  • Few External Components Required
  • Resistors Trimmed to 0.5% Typical
  • Capacitors Trimmed to 0.5% Typical
  • Very Low Noise: 80dB S/N in 100MHz Bandwidth
  • Very Low Distortion (2VP-P): 1MHz: –100dBc 2nd, –123dBc 3rd 10MHz: –72dBc 2nd, –103dBc 3rd
  • Adjustable Output Common Mode Voltage
  • Rail-to-Rail Output Swing
  • Power Configurability and Low Power Shutdown
  • Tiny 0.75mm 20-Lead (4mm × 4mm) QFN Package
Typical Application
LTC6601-1 Typical Application
LTC6601-1 Typical Application
  • Differential Input A/D Converter Driver
  • Antialiasing/Reconstruction Filter
  • Single-Ended to Differential Conversion/Amplification
  • Low Voltage, Low Noise, Differential Signal Processing
  • Common Mode Voltage Translation
LTC6601-1 Package Drawing
Order Information
Part NumberPackageTempPrice(1-99)Price (1k)*
LTC6601CUF-1#PBF4x4 QFN-20C$5.53$3.95
LTC6601CUF-1#TRPBF4x4 QFN-20C$4.00
LTC6601IUF-1#PBF4x4 QFN-20I$6.37$4.55
LTC6601IUF-1#TRPBF4x4 QFN-20I$4.60
Demo Boards
Part NumberDescriptionPrice
DC1251A-ALTC6601-1 | Low Noise Configurable Broadband Filter Demo Board$125.00
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