RF Power Detectors

型号TypeMin FrequencyMax FrequencyMin DetectMax DetectDynamic RangeFeaturesPackages
LTC5596RF RMS Detector10040000-37-235100MHz to 40GHz RMS Detector with 35dB Dynamic Range2x2 DFN-8
LTC5587RF RMS Detector106000-346406GHz RMS Detector w/ 12-Bit ADC and SPI Interface3x3 DFN-12
LTC5583RF RMS Detector406000-58260Dual 6GHz 60dB Dynamic Range RMS Detector4x4 QFN-24
LTC5582RF RMS Detector4010000-5615710GHz 57 dB Dynamic Range RMS Detector3x3 DFN-10
LTC5564RF Schottky Peak Detector60015000-241640On-Chip 9ns Fast Comparator, 75MHz Demodulation BW, 6ns Response Time3x3 QFN-16
LTC5536RF Schottky Peak Detector6007000-2612387GHz Detector + Fast ComparatorSOT-23
LTC5535RF Schottky Peak Detector6007000-32104212MHz Demodulation BW, Gain + VOS AdjSOT-23
LTC5533RF Schottky Peak Detector30011000-321244Dual, Shutdown, VOS Adj4x3 DFN-12
LTC5532ES6RF Schottky Peak Detector3007000-321042Precision w/ Gain + VOS AdjSOT-23
LTC5532EDCRF Schottky Peak Detector30012000-32104212 GHz, w/ Gain + VOS Adj2x2 DFN-6
LTC5531RF Schottky Peak Detector3007000-321042Precision w/ Shutdown, VOS AdjSOT-23
LTC5530RF Schottky Peak Detector3007000-321042Precision w/ Shutdown, Gain AdjSOT-23
LTC5509RF Schottky Peak Detector3003000-30638No CompressionSC-70
LTC5508RF Schottky Peak Detector3007000-3212447GHz, w/ ShutdownSC-70,SOT-23
LTC5507RF Schottky Peak Detector0.11000-321446Low Frequency Peak DetectorSOT-23
LTC5505-2RF Schottky Peak Detector3003500-321244Low CostSOT-23
LTC5505-1RF Schottky Peak Detector3003000-281846Low Cost, High Signal LevelSOT-23
LT5581RF RMS Detector106000-346406GHz 40 dB Dynamic Range RMS Detector3x2 DFN-8
LT5570RF RMS Detector402700-521351Fast 50dB Dynamic Range RMS Detector3x3 DFN-10
LT5538RF Log Detector403800-75107075dB Dynamic Range Log Detector3x3 DFN-8
LT5537RF Log Detector101000-76148383dB Dynamic Range Log Detector3x2 DFN-8
LT5534RF Log Detector503000-63260High Accuracy 50dB Log DetectorSC-70
LT5504RF Log Detector8002700-8028080dB Dynamic Range Log Detector / ReceiverMS-8