DS2406:Dual Addressable Switch Plus 1Kb Memory

The DS2406 Dual Addressable Switch Plus Memory offers a simple way to remotely control a pair of open drain transistors and to monitor the logic level at each transistor's output via the 1-Wire® bus for closed loop control. Each DS2406 has its own 64-bit ROM registration number that is factory lasered into the chip to provide a guaranteed unique identity for absolute traceability. The device's 1024 bits of EPROM can be used as electronic label to store information such as switch function, physical location, and installation date. Communication with the DS2406 follows the standard Dallas Semiconductor 1-Wire protocol and can be accomplished with minimal hardware such as a single port pin of a microcontroller. Multiple DS2406 devices can reside on a common 1-Wire network and be operated independently of each other. Individual devices will respond to a Conditional Search command if they qualify for certain user-specified conditions, which include the state of the output transistor, the static logic level or a voltage transition at the transistor's output.

Key Features
  • Open drain PIO pins are controlled and their logic level can be determined over 1-Wire bus for closed-loop control
  • Replaces and is fully compatible with DS2407 but no user-programmable power-on settings and no Hidden Mode
  • PIO channel A sink capability of 50mA at 0.4V with soft turn-on; channel B 8mA at 0.4V
  • Maximum operating voltage of 13V at PIO-A, 6.5V at PIO-B
  • 1024 bits user-programmable OTP EPROM
  • User-programmable status memory to control the device
  • Multiple DS2406's can be identified on a common 1-Wire bus and be turned on or off independently of other devices on the bus
  • Unique, factory-lasered and tested 64-bit registration number (8-bit family code + 48-bit serial number + 8-bit CRC tester) assures error-free selection and absolute identity because no two parts are alike
  • On-chip CRC16 generator allows detection of data transfer errors
  • Built-in multidrop controller ensures compatibility with other 1-Wire net products
  • Reduces control, address, data, programming and power to a single data pin
  • Directly connects to a single port pin of a microprocessor and communicates at up to 16.3 kbits/s
  • Supports Conditional Search with user-selectable condition
  • VCC bondout for optional external supply to the device (TSOC package only)
  • 1-Wire communication operates over a wide voltage range of 2.8V to 6.0V from -40°C to +85°C
  • Low cost TO-92, 6-pin TSOC and Flip Chip surface mount package
DS2406: Block Diagram
DS2406: Block Diagram
  • HVAC Systems
  • IEEE 1451.4 Sensor TEDS
  • Process Control
  • System Configuration & Monitoring
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DS2406 Data SheetDS2406.pdf
Part NumberApplicationsMemory TypeMemory SizeBus TypeVSUPPLY
minmaxSee Notes
DS2406Peripheral ID and ControlEPROM1024bit x11-Wire2.86TO92/3
$2.16 @1k
Design kits & evaluation modules
Quality and Environmental Data
Ordering Information
Part NumberStatusRecommended ReplacementPackageTempRoHS
DS2406No Longer AvailableDS2406+TO92,;3 pin;19.5 mm²-40°C to +85°CNo
DS2406+ActiveTO92,;3 pin;19.5 mm²-40°C to +85°CLead Free
DS2406+T&RActiveTO92,;3 pin;27.6 mm²-40°C to +85°CLead Free
DS2406P+ActiveTSOC,;6 pin;17.8 mm²-40°C to +85°CLead Free
DS2406P+T&RActiveTSOC,;6 pin;17.8 mm²-40°C to +85°CLead Free
DS2406P/T&RNo Longer AvailableDS2406P+T&RTSOC,;6 pin;17.8 mm²-40°C to +85°CNo
DS2406XNo Longer AvailableFCHIP;-40°C to +85°CSee data sheet
DS2406.pdf DS2406
DS2406_cn.pdf DS2406
DS2406.pdf DS2406
DS2406.pdf DS2406
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DS2406.pdf DS2406
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