ICL7106:3 1/2 Digit A/D Converters

The Maxim ICL7106/ICL7107 are monolithic analog-to-digital converters (ADCs). They have very high input impedances and require no external display drive circuitry. On-board active components include polarity and digit drivers, segment decoders, voltage reference and a clock circuit. The ICL7106 will directly drive a nonmultiplexed liquid crystal display (LCD), whereas the ICL7107 will directly drive a common anode light emitting diode (LED) display. Versatility and accuracy are inherent features of these converters. The dual-slope conversion technique automatically rejects interference signals common in industrial environments. The true differential input and reference are particularly useful when making ratiometric measurements (ohms or bridge transducers). Maxim has added a zero-integrator phase to the ICL7106 and ICL7107, eliminating overrange hangover and hysteresis effects. Finally, these devices offer high accuracy by lowering rollover error to less than one count and zero reading drift to less than 1µV/°C. These devices are used in a wide range of digital panel meter applications. Most applications, however, involve the measurement and display of analog data.

Key Features
  • Improved 2nd Source (see Page 3 of the full data sheet for "Maxim Advantage")
  • Guaranteed First Reading Recovery from Overrange
  • On-Board Display Drive Capability—No External Circuitry Required
    • LCD—ICL7106
    • LED—ICL7107
  • High-Impedance CMOS Differential Inputs
  • Low Noise (< 15µVP-P) without Hysteresis or Overrange Hangover
  • Clock and Reference On-Chip
  • True Differential Reference and Input
  • True Polarity Indication for Precision Null Applications
  • Monolithic CMOS Design
ICL7106, ICL7107: Typical Operating Circuit
ICL7106, ICL7107: Typical Operating Circuit
  • Conductance
  • Current
  • Material Thickness
  • Pressure
  • Resistance
  • Speed
  • Temperature
  • Voltage
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ICL7106-ICL7107 Data SheetICL7106-ICL7107.pdf
Part NumberResolution
Conv. Rate
Data BusDiff/S.E. InputInternal VREF
External VREF
External VREF
Bipolar VIN
maxnominalminmaxmaxSee Notes
ICL710620000.0037-SegmentDiff. Only2.8-93.5CDIP(W)/40
$6.09 @1k
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Ordering Information
Part NumberStatusRecommended ReplacementPackageTempRoHS
ICL7106C/DActiveDICE SALES,;NA pin;DICE S;0°C to +70°CSee data sheet
ICL7106CJLNo Longer AvailableCDIP(W),;40 pin;851.8 mm²0°C to +70°CNo
ICL7106CPLNo Longer AvailableICL7106CPL+PDIP(W),;40 pin;835.7 mm²0°C to +70°CNo
ICL7106CPL+ActivePDIP(W),;40 pin;835.7 mm²0°C to +70°CLead Free
ICL7106CPL+3No Longer AvailablePDIP(W),;40 pin;835.7 mm²0°C to +70°CLead Free
ICL7106CPL-3No Longer AvailablePDIP(W),;40 pin;835.7 mm²0°C to +70°CNo
ICL7106CQH+DActivePLCC,;44 pin;311.5 mm²0°C to +70°CLead Free
ICL7106CQH+TDActivePLCC;44 pin0°C to +70°CSee data sheet
ICL7106CQH-DNo Longer AvailableICL7106CQH+DPLCC,;44 pin;311.5 mm²0°C to +70°CNo
ICL7106CQH-TDNo Longer AvailableICL7106CQH+TDPLCC;44 pin0°C to +70°CSee data sheet
Part NumberStatusRecommended ReplacementPackageTempRoHS
ICL7106EJLNo Longer AvailableCDIP(W),;40 pin;851.8 mm²-40°C to +85°CNo
ICL7106EPLNo Longer AvailableICL7106EPL+PDIP(W),;40 pin;835.7 mm²-40°C to +85°CNo
ICL7106EPL+ActivePDIP(W),;40 pin;835.7 mm²-40°C to +85°CLead Free
ICL7106-ICL7107.pdf ICL7107
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A Simple ADC Comparison Matrix ICL7106
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ICL7106-ICL7107.pdf ICL7107