ICL7136:Low-Power, 3 1/2 Digit A/D Converter

ICL7136: Typical Operating Circuit
ICL7136: Typical Operating Circuit
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ICL7136 Data SheetICL7136.pdf
Part NumberResolution
Conv. Rate
Data BusDiff/S.E. InputExternal VREF
External VREF
Bipolar VIN
maxminmaxmaxSee Notes
ICL713620000.00257-SegmentDiff. Only-999CDIP(W)/40
$5.02 @1k
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Ordering Information
Part NumberStatusRecommended ReplacementPackageTempRoHS
ICL7136C/DActiveDICE SALES,;NA pin;DICE S;0°C to +70°CSee data sheet
ICL7136CJLNo Longer AvailableCDIP(W),;40 pin;851.8 mm²0°C to +70°CNo
ICL7136CMH+DActiveMQFP,;44 pin;204.5 mm²0°C to +70°CLead Free
ICL7136CMH+TDActiveMQFP,;44 pin;204.5 mm²0°C to +70°CLead Free
ICL7136CMH-DNo Longer AvailableICL7136CMH+DMQFP,;44 pin;204.5 mm²0°C to +70°CNo
ICL7136CMH-TDNo Longer AvailableICL7136CMH+TDMQFP;0°C to +70°CSee data sheet
ICL7136CPLNo Longer AvailableICL7136CPL+PDIP(W),;40 pin;835.7 mm²0°C to +70°CNo
ICL7136CPL+ActivePDIP(W),;40 pin;835.7 mm²0°C to +70°CLead Free
ICL7136CPL+3No Longer AvailablePDIP(W),;40 pin;835.7 mm²0°C to +70°CLead Free
ICL7136CPL-3No Longer AvailablePDIP(W),;40 pin;835.7 mm²0°C to +70°CNo
Part NumberStatusRecommended ReplacementPackageTempRoHS
ICL7136CQH+DActivePLCC,;44 pin;311.5 mm²0°C to +70°CLead Free
ICL7136CQH+TDActivePLCC,;44 pin;311.5 mm²0°C to +70°CLead Free
ICL7136CQH-DNo Longer AvailableICL7136CQH+DPLCC,;44 pin;311.5 mm²0°C to +70°CNo
ICL7136CQH-TDNo Longer AvailableICL7136CQH+TDPLCC;44 pin0°C to +70°CSee data sheet
ICL7136.pdf ICL7136
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ICL7136.pdf ICL7136