MAX16823:High-Voltage, 3-Channel Linear High-Brightness LED Driver with Open LED Detection

Highly Integrated, High-Voltage LED Driver Ideal for Automotive Applications

The MAX16823 three-channel LED driver operates from a 5.5V to 40V input voltage range and delivers up to 100mA per channel to one or more strings of high-brightness LEDs (HB LEDs). Each channel's current is programmable using an external current-sense resistor in series with the LEDs. Three DIM inputs allow a wide range of independent pulsed dimming in addition to providing the on and off control of the outputs. Wave-shaping circuitry reduces EMI while providing fast turn-on and turn-off times. The MAX16823 is well suited for automotive applications requiring a high-voltage input and is able to withstand load-dump events up to 45V. On-board pass elements minimize external components while providing ±5% LED current accuracy. Additional features include an active-high, open-drain LEDGOOD output for open LED detection, a +3.4V (±5%) regulated output with 4mA output current capability, short-circuit and thermal protections. The MAX16823 is available in thermally enhanced 5mm x 5mm, 16-pin TQFN-EP and 16-pin TSSOP-EP packages and is specified over the -40°C to +125°C automotive temperature range.

Key Features
  • 5.5V to 40V Operating Range
  • Adjustable Constant Output Current (5mA to 100mA and Up to 2A with External BJT)
  • ±5% Output Current Accuracy
  • Open LED Detection
  • Three Independent High-Voltage DIM Inputs
  • Three Integrated Pass Elements with Low Dropout Voltage (0.7V max)
  • Undervoltage Lockout
  • Output Short-Circuit Protection
  • 3.4V Voltage Regulator with 4mA Capability
  • Accurate, Low 203mV Current Sense
  • Overtemperature Shutdown
  • -40°C to +125°C Operating Temperature Range
MAX16823: Block Diagram
MAX16823: Block Diagram
  • Architecture and Industrial Lighting
  • Automotive Exterior: Rear Combination Lights (RCLs), CHMSL
  • Automotive Interior: RGB Ambient Lighting, Cluster Lighting, and LCD Backlighting
  • Emergency Vehicle Warning Lights
  • Navigation and Marine Indicators
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Part NumberRegulation TopologyMax. No. of LEDsLED ChannelsLED ConfigurationILED per Channel
PWM Dimming Freq.
Dimming RatioDimming ControlVDROPOUT
LED String Volt.
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Quality and Environmental Data
Ordering Information
Part NumberStatusRecommended ReplacementPackageTempRoHS
MAX16823ATE+ActiveTQFN,;16 pin;26 mm²-40°C to +125°CLead Free
MAX16823ATE+TActiveTQFN,;16 pin;26 mm²-40°C to +125°CLead Free
MAX16823ATE/V+ActiveTQFN,;16 pin;26 mm²-40°C to +125°CLead Free
MAX16823ATE/V+TActiveTQFN,;16 pin;26 mm²-40°C to +125°CLead Free
MAX16823AUE+ActiveTSSOP-EP,;16 pin;33.2 mm²-40°C to +125°CLead Free
MAX16823AUE+TActiveTSSOP-EP,;16 pin;33.2 mm²-40°C to +125°CLead Free
MAX16823AUE/V+ActiveTSSOP-EP,;16 pin;33.2 mm²-40°C to +125°CLead Free
MAX16823AUE/V+TActiveTSSOP-EP,;16 pin;33.2 mm²-40°C to +125°CLead Free
MAX16823.pdf MAX16823
MAX16823.pdf MAX16823
MAX16823.pdf MAX16823
MAX16823.pdf MAX16823