MAX4245:Ultra-Small, Rail-to-Rail I/O with Disable, Single/Dual-Supply, Low-Power Op Amps

The MAX4245/MAX4246/MAX4247 family of low-cost op amps offer rail-to-rail inputs and outputs, draw only 320µA of quiescent current, and operate from a single +2.5V to +5.5V supply. For additional power conservation, the MAX4245/MAX4247 offer a low-power shutdown mode that reduces supply current to 50nA, and puts the amplifiers' outputs in a high-impedance state. These devices are unity-gain stable with a 1MHz gain-bandwidth product driving capacitive loads up to 470pF. The MAX4245/MAX4246/MAX4247 family is specified from -40°C to +125°C, making them suitable for use in a variety of harsh environments. The MAX4245 single amplifier is available in ultra-small 6-pin SC70 and space-saving 6-pin SOT23 packages. The MAX4246 dual amplifier is available in 8-pin, SO, SOT23 and µMAX® packages. The MAX4247 dual amplifier comes in a tiny 10-pin µMAX package.

Key Features
  • Rail-to-Rail Input and Output Voltage Swing
  • 50nA (max) Shutdown Mode (MAX4245/MAX4247)
  • 320µA (typ) Quiescent Current Per Amplifier
  • Single +2.5V to +5.5V Supply Voltage Range
  • 110dB Open-Loop Gain with 2kΩ Load
  • 0.01% THD with 100kΩ Load
  • Unity-Gain Stable up to CLOAD = 470pF
  • No Phase Inversion for Overdriven Inputs
  • Available in Space-Saving Packages
    • 6-Pin SC70 or 6-Pin SOT23 (MAX4245)
    • 8-Pin SOT23/SO or 8-Pin µMAX (MAX4246)
    • 10-Pin µMAX (MAX4247)
MAX4245, MAX4246, MAX4247: Pin Configurations
MAX4245, MAX4246, MAX4247: Pin Configurations
  • Automotive Sensors
  • Base Station/Wireless Infrastructure
  • Computers: Desktops, Workstations, and Servers
  • Computers: Motherboards
  • Computers: Notebook
  • Electronic Ignition Modules
  • GPS Solutions
  • Infrared Receivers
  • Instruments and Terminals
  • MP3 Docking Stations: Mid Level
  • Portable Communications
  • Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs)
  • Sensor-Signal Detection
  • Set-Top Boxes
  • Single-Supply Zero-Crossing Detectors
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MAX4245-MAX4247 Data SheetMAX4245-MAX4247.pdf
Part NumberAmps.Rail to RailVSUPPLY (Total)
ICC per Amp.
Unity Gain BW
Slew Rate
minmaxtypmaxtyptypmaxtyptyp<See Notes
$0.72 @1k
$1.01 @1k
MAX42472µMAX/10$1.01 @1k
Quality and Environmental Data
Ordering Information
Part NumberStatusRecommended ReplacementPackageTempRoHS
MAX4245AUT+ActiveSOT,;6 pin;9 mm²-40°C to +85°CLead Free
MAX4245AUT+TActiveSOT,;6 pin;9 mm²-40°C to +85°CLead Free
MAX4245AUT-TNo Longer AvailableMAX4245AUT+TSOT,;6 pin;9 mm²-40°C to +85°CNo
MAX4245AXT+ActiveSC-70,;6 pin;5.3 mm²-40°C to +85°CLead Free
MAX4245AXT+TActiveSC-70,;6 pin;5.3 mm²-40°C to +85°CLead Free
MAX4245AXT-TNo Longer AvailableMAX4245AXT+TSC-70,;6 pin;5.3 mm²-40°C to +85°CNo
MAX4245-MAX4247.pdf MAX4247
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MAX4245-MAX4247.pdf MAX4247