MAX7304:I²C-Interfaced 16-Port, Level-Translating GPIO and LED Driver with High Level of Integrated ESD Protection

Cost Savings through 16 Port GPIOs Configurable as PWM-Controlled LED Drivers with Integrated ESD Protection

The MAX7304 consists of 16 port GPIOs, with 12 push-pull GPIOs and four open-drain GPIOs configurable as PWM-controlled LED drivers. The device supports a 1.62V to 3.6V separate power supply for level translation. An address-select input (AD0) allows up to four unique slave addresses for the device. Each GPIO can be programmed to one of the two externally applied logic voltage levels. PORT15–PORT12 can also be configured as LED drivers that feature constant-current sinks and PWM intensity control with the internal oscillator. The maximum constant-current level for each open-drain LED port is 20mA. The intensity of the LED on each open-drain port can be individually adjusted through a 256-step PWM control. The port also features LED fading. The same index rows and columns in the device can be used as a direct logic-level translator. The device is offered in a 24-pin (3.5mm x 3.5mm) TQFN package with an exposed pad, and a small 25-bump (2.159mm x 2.159mm) wafer-level package (WLP) for cell phones, pocket PCs, and other portable consumer electronic applications. The device operates over the -40°C to +85°C extended temperature range.

Key Features
  • Four LED Driver Pins on PORT15–PORT12
  • Integrated High-ESD Protection
    • ±8kV IEC 61000-4-2 Contact Discharge
    • ±15kV IEC 61000-4-2 Air-Gap Discharge
  • 5V Tolerant, Open-Drain I/O Ports Capable of Constant-Current LED Drive
  • 256-Step PWM Individual LED Intensity-Control Accuracy
  • Individual LED Blink Rates and Common LED Fade-In/Out Rates from 256ms to 4096ms
  • User-Configurable Debounce Time (1ms to 32ms)
  • Configurable Edge-Triggered Port Interrupt (Active-Low INT)
  • 1.62V to 3.6V Operating Supply Voltage
  • Individually Programmable GPIOs to Two Logic Levels
  • 8-Channel Individual Programmable Level Translators
  • Supports Hot Insertion
  • 400kbps, 5.5V Tolerant I²C Serial Interface with Selectable Bus Timeout
MAX7304: Functional Diagram
MAX7304: Functional Diagram
  • Cell Phones
  • Handheld Games
  • Notebooks
  • PDAs
  • Portable Consumer Electronics
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MAX7304 Data SheetMAX7304.pdf
Part NumberInterfaceI/OInputsOutputsInterr.OutDrive Current
MAX7304Serial - I2C Compatible
Serial 2-Wire 400kbit
Design kits & evaluation modules
Quality and Environmental Data
Ordering Information
Part NumberStatusRecommended ReplacementPackageTempRoHS
MAX7304ATG+No Longer AvailableMAX7304ETG+TQFN-CU,;24 pin;TQFN-C;-40°C to +125°CLead Free
MAX7304ATG+TNo Longer AvailableMAX7304ETG+TTQFN-CU,;24 pin;TQFN-C;-40°C to +125°CLead Free
MAX7304AWA+TFuture ProductWLP;-40°C to +125°CSee data sheet
MAX7304ETG+ActiveTQFN-CU,;24 pin;TQFN-C;-40°C to +85°CLead Free
MAX7304ETG+TActiveTQFN-CU,;24 pin;TQFN-C;-40°C to +85°CLead Free
MAX7304.pdf MAX7304
MAX7304.pdf MAX7304
MAX7304.pdf MAX7304
MAX7304.pdf MAX7304
MAX7304.pdf MAX7304