MAX8588:High-Efficiency, Low-IQ PMIC with Dynamic Core for PDAs and Smartphones

The MAX8588 power-management IC is optimized for devices using Intel X-Scale® microprocessors, including smartphones, PDAs, internet appliances, and other portable devices requiring substantial computing and multimedia capability at low power. The IC integrates seven high-performance, low-operating current power supplies along with supervisory and management functions. Included are three step-down DC-DC outputs, three linear regulators, and a seventh always-on output. DC-DC converters power I/O, memory, and the CPU core. The I/O supply can be preset to 3.3V or adjusted to other values. The DRAM supply is preset for 3.3V or 2.5V, or it can be adjusted with external resistors. The CPU core supply is serial programmed for dynamic voltage management and can supply up to 0.5A. Linear-regulated outputs are provided for SRAM, PLL, and USIM supplies. To minimize quiescent current, critical power supplies have bypass "sleep" LDOs that can be activated when output current is very low. Other functions include separate on/off control for all DC-DC converters, low-battery and dead-battery detection, a reset and power-OK output, a backup-battery input, and a two-wire serial interface. All DC-DC outputs use fast, 1MHz PWM switching and small external components. They operate with fixed-frequency PWM control and automatically switch from PWM to skip-mode operation at light loads to reduce operating current and extend battery life. The core output can be forced into PWM mode at all loads to minimize noise. A 2.6V to 5.5V input voltage range allows 1-cell lithium-ion (Li+), 3-cell NiMH, or a regulated 5V input. The MAX8588 is available in a tiny 6mm x 6mm, 48-pin thin QFN package.

Key Features
  • Six Regulators in One Package
    • Step-Down DC-DC for I/O at 1.3A
    • Step-Down DC-DC for Memory at 0.9A
    • Step-Down Serial-Programmed DC-DC for CORE Up to 0.5A
    • Three LDO Outputs for SRAM, PLL, and USIM
    • Always-On Output for VCC_BATT
  • Low Operating Current
    • 60µA in Sleep Mode (Sleep LDOs On)
    • 130µA with DC-DCs On (Core Off)
    • 200µA All Regulators On, No Load
    • 5µA Shutdown Current
  • Optimized for X-Scale Processors
  • Backup-Battery Input
  • 1MHz PWM Switching Allows Small External Components
  • Tiny 6mm x 6mm, 48-Pin Thin QFN Package
MAX8588: Simplified Diagram
MAX8588: Simplified Diagram
  • Internet Appliances and Web-Books
  • PDA, Palmtop, and Wireless Handhelds
  • Third-Generation Smart Cell Phones
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MAX8588 Data SheetMAX8588.pdf
Part NumberPrimary TopologyMonitor/Control FeaturesDC-DC/Power FeaturesVIN
Oper. Freq.
minmaxminmaxSee Notes
MAX8588Step-DownDynamic V Adj.
Low Batt./POK Output
Reset Output
Current Limit
Fixed Freq./PWM
Internal Switch
Soft Start
Sync. Rectifier$4.84 @1k
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Ordering Information
Part NumberStatusRecommended ReplacementPackageTempRoHS
MAX8588ETMNo Longer AvailableMAX8588ETM+TQFN,;48 pin;37.2 mm²-40°C to +85°CNo
MAX8588ETM+ActiveTQFN,;48 pin;37.2 mm²-40°C to +85°CLead Free
MAX8588ETM+TActiveTQFN,;48 pin;37.2 mm²-40°C to +85°CLead Free
MAX8588ETM-TNo Longer AvailableMAX8588ETM+TQFN;48 pin-40°C to +85°CSee data sheet
MAX8588.pdf MAX8588
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