Type-C USB Power Delivery Controller - BM92T50MWV

BM92T50 is a full function Type-C USB-PD controller that supports USB Power Delivery using base-band communication. It is compatible with USB Type-C specification rev1.1 and USB Power Delivery specification rev2.0. BM92T50 includes support for the PD policy engine and communicates with an Embedded Controller or the SoC via host interface. It supports SOP, SOP', SOP'' and SOP''' signaling, allowing it to communicate with cable marker ICs, support alternate modes and protocol adapters.

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BM92T50MWV Data Sheet

Supply Voltage(Min.)[V]4.75
Supply Voltage(Max.)[V]20.0
Policy ManagerIntegrated
Power RoleProvider
Data RoleDFP
Alternate ModeNo
Dead Battery SupportNo
Operating Temperature (Min.)[°C]-30
Operating Temperature (Max.)[°C]105
Technical Documents
  • USB Type-C Spec 1.1 compatible
  • USB PD Spec 2.0 compatible (BMC-PHY)
  • Two channel power path control using N-channel
    MOSFET drivers with back flow prevention
  • Type C cable orientation detection
  • Built-in VCONN Switch and VCONN controller
  • Direct VBUS powered operation
  • Supports Deep-Sleep-Mode (PC Application)
  • Supports DFP/UFP/DRP mode.
  • Supports Dead Battery operation.
  • Supports analog audio headphone detection
  • SMBus Interface for Host Communication
  • EC-less Operation (Auto mode)
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