Ultra-Small, Digital Synchronous Buck Controller with Auto-Control®, and SMBus™ and 3-Bit PVID Interfaces - PV3114

The PV3114 is a digital synchronous buck controller with adaptive loop compensation, for point-of-load (POL) applications. The output can supply 0.6 V to 5.5 V, and can be configured and controlled via PMBus or through programming stored in the non-volatile memory (NVM). In addition to the SMBus interface, PV3114 provides a 3-bit parallel VID interface with a mapping from 0.85 V to 1.0 V in 25 mV steps, and 1.05 V. PV3114 uses Powervation’s proprietary adaptive digital control loop, Auto-Control, which adapts on a cycle-by-cycle basis, and provides active loop compensation to stabilize the control loop as the phases are added and removed. The digital functionality of this PMBus power converter controller allows system telemetry (remote measurement and reporting) of current, voltage, and temperature information. Additionally, to maximize system performance and reliability, the IC provides temperature correction/compensation of several parameters. PV3114 is a fully protected DC/DC solution that utilizes analog and digital functionality to maximize protection of the system. PV3114

Part NumberStatusPackageUnit QuantityMinimum Package QuantityPacking TypeRoHS

PV3114 Data Sheet

Phase Count1
QFN Package4 mm x 4 mm
Supply Voltage0.6 V to 5.5 V
Controller Biad3.3
Interface SMBusPMBus™ Compliant
Interface SVIDN/A
Interface Parallel VID3-Bit
Auto-CompensationAuto-Control®: Real-Time Adaptive Auto-Tuning
Programmable Fsw375 kHz - 1 MHz
Phase Add/DropN/A
Single Pin CONFIG™8 Tables
System GoodNo
Sensors / Precision Telemetry VoltageVOUT, VIN
Sensors / Precision Telemetry CurrentIOUT
Sensors / Precision Telemetry PowerEOUT
Sensors / Precision Telemetry Tsense SupportedInternal Die Sense & External
Fault Response OVPRestart / Latching
Fault Response OCPRestart / Latching
Fault Response SCPRestart / Latching
Fault Response LOSRetry or Disable
Fault Response OTPRestart / Latching
Fault Response Phase LossN/A
SCP Temp CompensationYes
Support NTC SensorYes
Configurable SALRTNo
Programmable Load-LineNo
Integrator Gain ScalarNo
Operating Temperature (Min.)[°C]-25
Operating Temperature (Max.)[°C]85
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