Automotive Sensors

Part NumberGeneral DescriptionMarketing StatusSupply VoltageSupply VoltageSupply VoltageCurrent ConsumptionOutput TypeSensing AxesRangePackage
AIS1120SXMEMS acceleration sensor: single-axis for central airbag applicationsActive3.±120SO-8
AIS1200PSMEMS acceleration sensor: single-axis with PSI5 point-to-point interfaceActive5164DigitalX, Y±200SO16
AIS328DQHigh-performance ultra low-power 3-axis accelerometer for automotive applicationsActive3., Y, Z±2;±4;±8QFN 24 4x4x1.8
AIS3624DQ3-axis accelerometer for non-safety automotive applicationsActive3.32.43.6DigitalX, Y, Z±6;±12;± 24QFN 24 4x4x1.8
AIS326DQDigital output motion sensor for automotive applications low-power high performance 3-axes accelerometerNRND3.333.60.67DigitalX, Y, Z±2;±6QFPN 28 7x7x1.9
AIS2120SXDual-axis hi-g accelerometer for airbagsActive3.33.13.56DigitalX, Y±120SO-8
ASM330LXHAutomotive inertial module: 3D accelerometer and 3D gyroscopePreview323.64.3DigitalX, Y, Z, Yaw, Pitch, Roll±2, ±4, ±8,±16VFLGA 3X3X1.1 16L PITCH 0.5
A3G4250DMEMS motion sensor: 3-axis digital output gyroscopeActive32.43.66.1Digitalyaw, pitch, rollLGA 16 4x4x1.1