Building Technology Solution Eval Boards

Part NumberGeneral DescriptionMarketing StatusTool TypeCore ProductTarget Application
STEVAL-IHM039V1Dual motor drive control stage based on the STM32F415ZG microcontrollerActiveStarter KitSTM32F415Audio,Brushless AC PMSM Motor Control,Brushless DC PMSM Motor Control,Building Control and Automation,Communications and Networking,Factory Automation,HEV/EV,HVAC,Major Appliances,Portable and Telehealth Monitoring,Power Tools,Robotics,Security and Surveillance,Smart Grid Utilisation (HAN),Three-Phase Induction Motor Control,Wellness, Fitness, Assisted Living
STEVAL-IHM028V22 kW 3-phase motor control evaluation board featuring the STGIPS20C60 IGBT intelligent power moduleActiveEvaluation BoardSTGIPS20C60Brushless AC PMSM Motor Control,HVAC,Major Appliances
STEVAL-IHM023V31 kW 3-phase motor control evaluation board featuring L6390 drivers and STGP10H60DF IGBTActiveEvaluation BoardL6390; STGP10H60DFHVAC,Major Appliances,Wellness, Fitness, Assisted Living