DRA-TouchGFX:TouchGFX graphics framework for STM32

TouchGFX (DRA-TouchGFX) is a software framework written in C++, that enables high-end GUIs on embedded systems with very limited hardware resources. The TouchGFX technology optimizes the utilization of small hardware platforms, such as the ARM®Cortex® -M family of microcontrollers, resulting in faster image updates with less MCU load, outperforming competing frameworks.

TouchGFX is supplied under license from Draupner Graphics A/S, specialists in GUI development on MCU hardware. For detailed information on the specifications, visit the website www.touchgfx.com.

Key Features

  • Optimal resource utilization:
    • Higher GUI performance and smooth animations at a frame rate of 25 or more
    • Display-resolutions up to WSVGA 1024×600
    • Low MCU load, typically ≤15%
    • Ultra-low power consumption
  • Developer-Friendly framework:
    • Object-oriented extendable API
    • Automated build chains for generating elements, such as bitmaps and fonts
    • PC simulator for prototyping and easy debugging
    • Optional built-in scheme for efficient memory allocation
    • A standardized structure for integrating the GUI with the rest of the system
  • Design features:
    • Transparency
    • Texture mapping
    • Anti-aliased fonts and kerning
    • Alpha blending
    • Touch gestures
    • Animations
    • Screen transitions
    • High-resolution displays
    • High frame rate
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