FREE-RTOS:FreeRTOS Real Time Operating System for STM32 ARM Cortex-M Microcontrollers families

FreeRTOS™ is a market leading RTOS from Real Time Engineers Ltd. that supports more than 30 architectures and receives more than 103000 downloads a year. It is professionally developed, strictly quality controlled, robust, supported, and free to embed in commercial products without any requirement to expose your proprietary source code.

FreeRTOS™ has become the standard RTOS for microcontrollers by using a development and distribution model that removes all objections to using free software, and in so doing, providing a truly compelling free software model.

FreeRTOS™ is truly free, even for use in commercial applications. You can take a product to market using FreeRTOS™ without even talking to us, let alone paying any fees, and thousands of people do just that. If, at any time, you would like to receive additional backup, or if your legal team require additional written guarantees or indemnification, then there is a simple low cost commercial upgrade path. Your peace of mind comes with the knowledge that you can opt to take the commercial route at any time you choose. Commercial licenses, and a selection of professional middleware products, are sold under the OPENRTOS®brand.

OPENRTOS®is supplied under license from Real Time Engineers Ltd. by WITTENSTEIN high integrity systems, a global engineering and safety company.

This product is supplied by a third party not affiliated to ST. For complete and latest information on the specification and the purchased parts package, refer to the third party website

Key Features

  • FreeRTOS+™ is a showcase for a select group of FreeRTOS™ add-on components.
  • FreeRTOS+Nabto is a light weight complete Internet of Things (IoT) solution that overcomes the practical issues encountered when deploying IoT devices, and is therefore applicable to a wide range of applications.
  • FreeRTOS+Trace™ is a run time diagnostic tool for FreeRTOS™ applications. With more then 20 graphically interconnected views, FreeRTOS+Trace™ has become an indispensable debugging and optimization tool.
  • FreeRTOS+CLI is a RAM efficient and extensible command line interface for FreeRTOS™. Commercial licenses for FreeRTOS+CLI are provided free to STM32 users.
  • FreeRTOS+FAT SL is a market proven, DOS compatible, proprietary and supported FAT file system provided by HCC Embedded to Real Time Engineers Ltd for use with FreeRTOS™ or in bare metal systems. Commercial licenses for FreeRTOS+FAT SL are provided free to STM32 users.
  • embTCP is a collection of pre-built and low cost TCP/IP and related add on components for STM32 microcontrollers, provided for easy integration into cost sensitive applications.
  • SAFERTOS® is a unique real-time deterministic operating system, based on FreeRTOS™, that has been re-engineered especially for critical applications. It is available pre-certified by TÜV SÜD according to key standards in markets including Industrial and Medical.
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