IS2T-MicroEJ:MicroEJ IoT OS for STM32

MicroEJ solutions (IS2T-MicroEJ) offer profitable IoT solutions to OEMs, to application developers and to service providers for following fields: device software development at lower cost and effort, application development and deployment to generate extra-revenue streams with services and data.

MicroEJ solutions enable delivery of user experience and business models similar to mobile Internet for embedded devices with strong cost constraints and strict resource limitations. MicroEJ solutions also combine the techniques, methods and tools that drive the PC and mobile Internet software industry, with the complex technical foundations of embedded.

MicroEJ OS is a scalable operating system for resource-constrained embedded applications, IoT and wearable devices. It is optimized for the wide range of IoT hardware architectures and enables device manufacturers to deliver differentiating firmware using MicroEJ SDK, based on the Eclipse IDE.

MicroEJ Studio allows application developers to write applications and publish them to a MicroEJ Application Store, they can be downloaded from by users of MicroEJ-ready devices.

With MicroEJ solutions, OEMs use proven methods that cut software development time and cost. They create software that delivers incredible user-experience and adjusts to the needs of Internet business.

MicroEJ is a leading vendor of cost-driven embedded software solutions for the smart digital world. MicroEJ is focused on providing turnkey software products to solve the embedded world’s major business challenges, and to enable application-driven uses and services in the IoT world commensurate with the cost and resource constraints of that world.

MicroEJ experiences a strong and steady growth in a large variety of industries including home appliances, wearable technologies, communication devices, energy, automotive, medical, industrial control, metering, and building automation. Its powerful network of partners, from silicon vendors to experts of embedded systems, contributes to its global awareness.

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Key Features

  • MicroEJ SDK provides a scalable operating system (MicroEJ OS) and tools built on Eclipse (MicroEJ Workbench) to develop software for STM32.
  • MicroEJ OS allows devices to run multiple software applications written in mixed C and Java languages.
  • MicroEJ OS Core is the OS engine built upon a hardware-dependent board support package (BSP).
    • The Secure Multi-Application Engine can run single or multiple apps, based on an optimized Java virtual machine.
    • The “sandboxing” environment isolates the execution contexts of binary apps. The shared interface mechanism allows multiple apps to communicate.
    • The Smart RAM Optimizer manages Java objects so there are no memory leaks or rogue pointers, and no memory fragmentation.
    • The Simple Native Interface (SNI) and the Shielded Plug provide C/Java interfaces for BSP integration.
  • MicroEJ OS Libraries provide as rich set of Java API based libraries:
    • The IO library (GPIO, DAC, ADC)
    • The NUM library (digital data / signal processing, algorithms prototyping and tests)
    • The FILE & DATA library (flash management, XML, JSON and protobuf).
    • The COMM library (Ethernet, USB Host, Serial interfaces, CAN, Modbus, Fieldbus, 2G/3G/4G, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, BLE, Z-Wave, WM-Bus, NFC, ZigBee).
    • The NET & SEC library (UDP-TCP/IP, 6LoWPAN, HTTP and HTTPS client, HTTP and REST server, REST client, SNTP client, Websocket, SSL/TLS client and server, SAML, DTLS, Cryptographic keys and certificates storage, Cryptographic operations).
    • The IoT library (MQTT, CoAP, DDS, XMPP, AMQP, LWM2M, AllJoyn, Thread).
    • The GUI library (scalable 2D graphics and touch, Micro Widget Toolkit) coming along with MicroEJ GUI Designer tool (Image, Font).
    • The STORE library (application store server infrastructure, apps management and lifecycle).
  • MicroEJ Workbench IDE (compatible with ARM Keil MDK, IAR Embedded Workbench, or Eclipse CDT/GNU GCC) with simulation and debug functionality.
  • MicroEJ Studio provides free tools built on Eclipse to develop Java-based software applications for MicroEJ-ready devices, and publish them to the MicroEJ Store.
  • MicroEJ Store provides cloud-based services to deploy software applications to MicroEJ-ready devices.
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