iSYS-winIDEAOpen:iSYSTEM's free unlimited software development platform for all STM32 Cortex-M based devices

winIDEAOpen, called iSYS-winIDEAOpen, is a free Cortex®-M software development and test platform supporting a large number of debug hardware like the ST-Link.

The fact that it imposes no code size or time limit on the user and the direct support of a wide range of popular evaluation boards make it the perfect choice for extended evaluation as well as educational use.

This product is supplied by a third party not affiliated to ST. For complete and latest information on the specification, refer to the third party’s website

Key Features

  • Full GNU GCC toolchain 4.7 included
  • Unlimited code size with GCC compiler (32K with IAR, ARM, Cosmic)
  • Editor & build manager
  • Flash programming
  • HW and SW breakpoints
  • Low and high-level debugging
  • Device register view (SFRs)
  • Python scripting
  • testIDEA Standard test tool included
  • RTOS aware debugging (FreeRTOS)
  • Interoperable with a wide range of tools through isystem.connect API
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