MDK-ARM-STM32:MDK-ARM software development environment for Cortex-M based MCUs

The MDK-ARM-STM32 is a complete software development environment for Cortex® -M microcontroller-based devices. It includes the μVision IDE/Debugger, ARM®C/C++ compiler and essential middleware components. The STM32 peripherals can be configured using STM32CubeMX and the resulting project exported to MDK-ARM.

Free MDK-ARM licenses can be activated for both STM32F0 and STM32L0 series using the following Product Serial Number (PSN): U1E21-CM9GY-L3G4L.

This product is supplied by a third party not affiliated to ST. For the latest information on the specification refer to the third party’s website:

Key Features

  • Complete support for Cortex® -M and Cortex® -R devices
  • ARM® C/C++ compilation toolchain
  • μVision IDE, debugger and simulation environment
  • CMSIS Cortex® Microcontroller Software Interface Standard compliant
  • ST-LINK support
  • Multi-language support: English, Chinese, Japanese, Korean
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